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Current Satellite News
May 30th, 2016
European Space Agency's Fly Your Satellite! CubeSat Competition Winners Announced
All of the satellites were launched from Guiana on April 25 as part of ESA’s “Fly Your Satellite!” program
Functionality Completed For ExoMars—All Is In Good Order
Thales Alenia Space has analyzed the results of the Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) and commissioning operations to draw up a report submitted to ESA.
Glonass-M Satellite Acquires Designated Orbit After Soyuz-2.1b Launch
The satellite’s injection into orbit was carried out by the Fregat acceleration unit.
LTE Cellular Backhaul Test With SpeedCast Results In More Than 400 Mbps By iDirect
iDirect’s DVB-S2X technology provides a proof-of-concept that essentially doubles previous levels of speed achieved in the market.
On The Show Floor... Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Providing Product & Executive Presentations
Additionally, Kratos executives will be featured in the World Teleport Association’s Executive Dialogue Series at CommunicAsia. 
VSAT Global Conference Heading Into 18th Year In London
This conference is presented in partnership with in partnership with Comsys and GVF.
Russia's Rogozin States His Nation Won't Catch Up To The US In The Space Race... Then Eats His Words
Rogozin took to Facebook later in the day to say that his quotes had been taken out of context.
Funding Fruition For Planetary Resources
The imaging technology is integrated onto the Arkyd spacecraft and deployed as a constellation of 10 satellites in LEO.
US Army's SMDC Provides Ukrainian Soldiers With Specialized Space Training In Dealing With Disrupted Space Operations
"... told us they were experiencing a lot of denied, degraded and disrupted space operations in their conflict with Russian separatists in the Ukraine."
Raytheon + Israel's UVision Will Develop Loitering Airborne Solutions
The adapted system will meet the US Army's requirement for Lethal Miniature Aerial Missile Systems, also known as LMAMS. 
Myanmar To Receive High Speed Data Services From AsiaSat + KBZ Gateway
KBZ will use C- and Ku-band capacity on AsiaSat 4 and AsiaSat 7 satellites to establish high speed data networks across Myanmar.
SES Enterprise + Hybrid Broadband For Asia To Be Implemented Via Gilat's SkyEdge II-c Libra
Customers will be able to integrate SES’s satellite network for download traffic with their existing terrestrial network for upload traffic.
AST's INTEGRA... An Intelligent IP Service Network
INTEGRA contains anti-malware, anti-virus engines and intrusion prevention capabilities which offer ‘zero day’ protection against known and emerging threats.