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May 23rd, 2016
Proton Push For Intelsat-31 Satellite Now Possesses A "TBD" Launch Date
"Technical reasons" are offered as the reason for this new delay.
A Breakthrough By Iridium® & Satelles — An Alternative To GPS Service
For the first time, end users now have access to accurate and resilient position, navigation and timing (PNT) technology that works anywhere on the planet, even indoors.
Thales Alenia Space's ExoMars Spacecraft Passes Muster Enroute To Mars...
“We are delighted to confirm that the spacecraft is in excellent shape, everything being proceeding on schedule and to ensure that..."
RigNet's TSI Restructuring Plan... Refocuses For Better Opportunities
The new integrated structure will result in the reduction of annual costs of approximately $1.0 million.
China Has Plenty Of Plans With Launching Of 30 BeiDou Navigation Satellite Systems Now + In The Future
According to China daily. Fifteen years after the satellite system was launched, it is now generating $31.5 billion for major companies such as... 
NSR Weighs Jumping On The UltraHD Bandwagon + Is It Worth It For The ROI?
However, there there has been significantly less discussion on the upcoming revenue impact on UltraHD broadcast—despite this discussion being critical to determining UltraHD’s ROI
NASA/ESA Hubble's Star Cluster Image Is As If Bees Are Buzzing Around A Hive 
 The hive in question is an edge-on lenticular galaxy NGC 5308, located just under 100 million light-years away ...
OSIRIS-REx Arrives At Kennedy Space Center For September Launch
As currently planned, the spacecraft will reach its near-Earth asteroid target, called Bennu (formerly 1999 RQ36), in 2018.
There's A New High Flying Venue For AMAC Aerospace From Rockwell Collins
This upgrade path also leads to less aircraft downtime.
SES Joins In To Assist UNICEF & Relief International With Education Center In Jordanian Relief Camp
The "Connected Solar School" will use solar energy provided by SOLARKIOSK’s E-HUBB technology to deliver broadband connectivity enabled by SES’s Astra Connect broadband platform.
Another Evolution For iDirect Government's Evolution Platform With New 9-Series
The software supports the 950mp, 900 and 9350 remotes as well as the DLC-T and DLC-R defense line cards—all from a single platform.
Swedish Space Corporation & Swedish Government Delegation Have Southern California Visits On Their Minds
The company and delegation will be meeting with several industry leading companies.
Dispensing Dispensers For The OneWeb Constellation Is Now An Arianespace Project
The dispenser systems will first secure the satellites during their flight to LEO and then release them into space.
The iRG Tour To Continue At CommunicAsia2016
This tour will give participants practical advice and guidance on the tools available and more...
Thuraya + IEC Telecom Keep 'em Smiling At Sea ...Solutions + Latest Innovations In Maritime Hardware At Posidonia 2016 
...ships can now be transformed into remote offices with very little effort.
Simultaneous Flights Of A Civil Drone & Manned Aircraft Occurs In A Spanish Airport
This is one of the first flying experiences undertaken in Europe for a drone to be able to operate in the area of the traffic of a conventional airdrome.