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October 6th, 2014
Colloquium Partners Present In-Depth Examinations of Space + Regulatory Laws...
[SatNews] In cooperation with Mansat and Dentons US LLP, SatNews is going to present a highly informative Colloquium...
Scotland's Alba Orbital... It Pays To Be SMART...Award Finances PocketQube EPS + No Electrical Cord Needed
[SatNews] Want to build a satellite, but don't have a NASA sized budget?While a Cubesat may cost the same as a house, a PocketQube could cost less than a car.
People's Liberation Army of China Celebrate National Day... Test Fire A Really Far-Reaching Missile
[SatNews] The DF-31 system has an estimated range of nearly 10,000 kms, enough to deliver a nuclear warhead to the capitals of Europe or the west coast of the U.S.
ESA's IXV Reentry Demonstrator... Slides Into A Seat On The Spaceport's Trolley 
[SatNews] Vega, named after the second brightest star in the northern hemisphere will make access to space easier, quicker and cheaper.
MDA Closes Acquisition... With Advanced Systems On Their Radar  
global communications and information company providing operational solutions to commercial and government organizations worldwide. 
The Build is On For Francisco de Miranda Satellite
[SatNews] Venezuela has just signed an agreement with China Great Wall Industry Corporation ICGWIC) to build and deliver into orbit...
A Plethora Of Promising Productivity For Inmarsat Presented During MILCOM 2014
Inmarsat brings to the surface at MILCOM 2014 a trio of important announcements...
Harris' Falcon III® Radios For DoD's Rifleman Team Are On Target
[SatNews] ...is smaller and lighter than existing wideband handheld radios yet provides superior battery life and transmission range...
Keysight's Expanded Module... Solves With Wireless Set + Evolves With Customers' Needs
[SatNews] ..."device manufacturers need a high-port-density test solution to meet the growing demand for wireless devices with multiple radios and antennas..."
Bringing Expertise to MENA Comms Markets...
Awarding times for circuit services by BringCom...
NASA Tests Webb's Tennis Court Size Sun Shields To Orbit One Million Miles From Earth
[SatNews] The three-day test took place in July, taking seven engineers and six technicians about 20 hours to complete.
MDA + UK Space Agency... UK Provides Better Independent Communications On ISS
[SatNews] European astronauts onboard the ISS currently rely on NASA communication's infrastructure to relay important information between the European Columbus module and ground stations...  
Comtech Systems' World's First... Digital Troposcatter Modem
Debuting is a 50Mbps Digital Troposcatter modem....
Elite Communications Selects EMC's Virtual Op For Global Oil & Gas
Selected as the satellite connectivity provider...
Genscape Tracks 120,00+ Ocean-Going Vessels Daily Using AI + Near-Earth Satellites 
[SatNews] “We are in the midst of transformational change in maritime analytics.”
Versatile Power Is Versatile—Artificial Hearts To Satellites—Hires New Sales Manager 
[SatNews] ...has extensive and diverse experience from new business start ups to successful turn-arounds of high technology markets...
Vocality...Satellite + Defense Communications Company Appoints New CEO + More
[SatNews] ...he has achieved impressive results through outthinking the competition and creating over-performing sales and delivery teams.​
Skyline Communications... Races + Becomes One Of Belguim's 50 Fastest Growing Companies
[SatNews] "While our revenue growth over the past five years was the key selection criterion for this listing, at Skyline this is actually secondary to technological innovation.'