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February 1st, 2016 — February 7th, 2016
Traveling Down The Space Data Highway Is EDRS-A + EUTELSAT 9B Is Slotted
After a test period, this satellite will become operational for its first end-user customer by mid-2016.
USAF's Poignant Final GPS IIF-Series Satellite Launch... End Of An Era
Although this will be the finale for GPS IIF launches, the need for GPS IIF capabilities remains strong to update the constellation and maintain the high level of accuracy required by the GPS systems.
NASA Engineers Tapped to Build First New-Fangled Integrated-Photonics Modem
...that could transform everything from telecommunications, medical imaging, advanced manufacturing to national defense.
Up + Away... ULA's Atlas V Rocket Whisks USAF's GPS IIF-12 Into The Blue
It's a go! Success with USAF's GPS IIF-12 launch from the Cape.
Clyde Space Updates — Expansion Into The USA + More...
American customers will be able to receive 'made in the USA' products, made by Americans for Americans.
EMC's Global X-Band Coverage To Be Enhanced By XTAR
This contract signifies a renewal of a service that began in 2014 and XTAR’s services provides EMC with seamless coverage and plays a crucial role in supporting airborne communications requirements. 
Better Beaming With NSSLGlobal
The company's VSAT network already covers 95 percent of the Earth’s surface, including all of the world’s major commercial shipping routes, mining areas, offshore oil rigs and fishing domains.
UAE Public Satellite Service License Granted By UAE To Inmarsat
The license gives Inmarsat permission to offer its services to public and private sector users.
Damage Maps From NASA Could Assist When Future Quakes Strike
Quickly assessing and communicating where the hardest-hit areas are and prioritizing which regions or communities have the greatest need for first-response teams is difficult when a disaster unevenly devastates various parts of a large area.
Gilat @ MWC Barcelona 2016
Gilat presents its turnkey cellular connectivity solutions over satellite.