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June 22nd, 2015 — June 28th, 2015
A New EO Constellation Is To Be Born Via UrtheCast, Surrey Satellite Technology + ElecnorDeimos Space
"We’re confident that the Constellation will bring an entirely unique dataset to this industry."—Wade Larson, President + COO, UrtheCast.
Funding To The Tune Of $500 Million Obtained By OneWeb For Their Microsatellite Constellation
“The dream of fully bridging the digital divide is on track to be a reality in 2019.”—Greg Wyler, Founder, OneWeb.
U.S. Firm Signs Deal To Sell Their Satellite Platform To A Chinese Company, With Boeing To Build The Silkwave-1
The satellite network will operate in the L-band frequency range (1452-1492 MHz) that is globally allocated for BSS.
Japan Selects SSL's 1300 Platform's High-Power + Flexibility To Be Incorporated In Their New B-SAT-4a
“The BSAT-4a satellite represents our fourth satellite contract award for the Japanese market in the last two years.”—John Celli, President, SSL.
Ultimate DIY... World’s Longest 'Selfie' ... Satellite Imagery Tasking Via SpyMeSat Mobile App
And with “the World’s Longest Selfie Stick” new tasking feature, any mobile user can now to task a satellite to take a new picture if archive imagery does not meet their need.
exactEarth Plans Their IPO
exactEarth is jointly owned by COM DEV and Hisdesat Servicios Estrategicos S.A. (the "Selling Shareholders"). 
Debris Detention Demo'd By GMV
“This flight exercise represents one more step towards efficient space-debris removal techniques."—Mariella Graziano, Executive Director, Space-Aerospace Segment, GMV.
Imagery Content Partnership Formed Between BlackSky Global + AllSource Analysis
The partnership will support a variety of analyses across multiple industries.
Globecomm Earns US$14M... Selected By Malaysia + Indonesia's TV + Data Service Providers 
The contract awards are as varied as the company’s expertise, ranging from television program acquisition and direct-to-home (DTH) TV distribution to VSAT hubs for data networking.
Nigeria Plans To Launch Indigenous Satellite By 2030
Dr. Onu advised the new Nigerian administration to look into the Assembly Integration and Testing Center (AIT) as their priority for space sector development.