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September 19th, 2016 — September 25th, 2016
Second Sunday Update: ULA Changes Launch Of WorldView-4 Due To A Fire Further Out... September 26  
it's designed to see objects 1-foot-wide in panchromatic mode, has a 4-foot resolution in color, and images 263,000 square miles of the Earth’s surface per day
Algerian Space Agency's Nano Spacetrotting Days Are Getting Closer
The UK Space Agency and ASAL have enhanced collaboration in space programs.
United Launch Alliance's Reveals CubeSat STEM Education Program Winners
“You are the next generation of rocket scientists and space entrepreneurs and we could not be more pleased to offer this unique opportunity.”  
A Push For Satcom Global From Iridium
Satcom Global qualified as one of a select group of communications providers selected by Iridium to deliver the PTT service to market.
Nanosatellite Engineering Professional Certification From KSF Space To Make A Difference
One example of an aerospace company in the US that recognizes the NEP Certificate is Interorbital Systems in California.
Russia Plans Tourist Trips To The Moon... But It's Expensive...$150 Million 
"We are considering eight potential candidates which are ready to pay for such an expedition."
Score With The SmallSat Symposium 2017 Event— Procure An Early Registration... & Save...
With four new workshops and a broad range of thought-provoking panels, give your company the means to maximize growth while minimizing new overhead.
Joint 22nd Ka-Band & Broadband Communications Plus 34th AIAA International Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC) Next Month
Fifty years have passed since the first ICSSC was held and this event will bring together a number of satellite experts to present their views.
The Waiting Game... Space Systems Loral Awaits Preparations To Ship EchoStar XXI
SSL has completed final shipment preparations at their facility where the spacecraft will remain in storage until EchoStar receives notification of launch vehicle availability.
Maritime & Satellite Industries Coordinate Cyber-Security Strategies
Policies, guidelines and best practices were central to the discussion, as well as how industry can identify, quantify and mitigate cyber risk.