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April 16th, 2018 — April 22nd, 2018
At 34th Space Symposium, the Phase Four Thruster's Test Results by the Aerospace Corporation are Revealed
The testing found that Phase Four's second generation of RF thrusters achieved their best performance to date, demonstrating performance on par...
Dr. Gurpartap Sandhoo is Appointed to Senior Executive Service by U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and Assignment as Superintendent for Spacecraft Engineering at NCST
The Center’s mission is to preserve and enhance a strong space technology base and provide expert assistance in the development and...
Paul Allen Reveals Stratolaunch's Enormous Plane's Plans and Capabilities at the Space Symposium
This is an amazing plane to view, using 28 wheels for movement and a wingspan that is larger than a U.S. football field at 385 feet (117 meters)...
Aerojet Rocketdyne's RL10 to Soar to New Heights ... Selected for Orbital ATK's OmegA™ Rocket
the RL10  sent hundreds of satellites into orbit, spacecraft to every planet and the first human-made object, the Voyager I spacecraft, into interstellar space.
Today AsiaSat's Executive Director and CEO Andrew Jordon Resigns 
Dr. Roger Tong has been appointed by the Board to succeed Mr. Jordan as Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, in effect from April 16, 2018.
Affordable Access to Space Demo'd by Orbital ATK Via the AFSCPC-11 Mission
The AFSCPC-11 mission included a second company designed satellite, Mycroft, which is among several Department of Defense (DoD) experiments...
Intelsat General Joins the Team Building a New Satellite Navigation Payload for the FAA
The payload will be part of the FAA’s Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) that corrects and enhances information provided by Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites...
Comtech Xicom Technology Picks Up Two SATCOM Equipment Contracts
The company has received two contracts: one for Ka-band high-power amplifiers and the second for TWTAs.
Honeywell and Ball Aerospace Combine Forces for Optical Comms Data Links — Also at 34th Space Symposium
Since the 1990s, Ball Aerospace and Honeywell have combined their knowledge and expertise on various optical communications capabilities...
Orange Goes to New Heights in Africa Selecting Comtech EF Data's Heights™ Networking Platform for Critical NGO Projects
the ability to quickly deploy and commission new remotes in additional countries on the African continent as new peace-keeping requirements arise.