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October 17th, 2016 — October 23rd, 2016
ExoMars' LaRa Nod To Antwerp Space
LaRa, a Belgian experiment conceived by a scientific team from the Royal Observatory of Belgium, is one of the two European instruments selected for the mission and consists of sophisticated communication equipment.
Aerojet Rocketdyne Pushes Forward For The US With Propulsion Hardware For Boeing’s Starliner Spacecraft
"...marks a significant milestone in the history of our nation’s leadership in space and its ability to send astronauts to the International Space Station from American soil once again.
Retiring From AsiaSat — William Wade, Executive Director, President & CEO
William Wade is going to retire from the firm effective November 1st.
Orbital ATK's Antares 230 Sends Supplies Soaring To Space Station
Did you ever wonder if the astronauts get any of their favorite goodies? According to NASA's list of types of food apparently they do get treats such as: Brownies (NF), Candy:
RUAG Space Is Intent On Sensational Separation For Schiaparelli
Technology provided by RUAG Space is set to play an important role in the success of this ambitious mission.
NanoSpace Is GomSpace'd
GomSpace and NanoSpace have an established partnership where NanoSpace propulsion technology is integrated with GomSpace nanosatellite platforms.
The World Is A Better Place, Thanks To Satellites — And Here's A Celebratory Dinner To Honor Those Who Have Made It So
The Awards and Dinner are produced by SSPI and the organization's UK and Isle of Man Chapters.
The Fifth Annual Space and Satellite Regulatory Colloquium — An Occasion Of Success
The event offered 11 panels of legal and regulatory experts who discussed the most pressing of issues.
South Korean Concerns Over Potential North Korean Hostilities Could Result In Acquisiton Of An Israeli Satellite
The development also suggests that South Korea does not completely trust that the US will provide the defense it has promised in the event of a military conflict.
Raytheon Morphing Missile Interceptors Into Smallsats
Raytheon has modified some of their manufacturing lines in Tucson to produce relatively inexpensive satellites for a program called SeeMe.