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November 28th, 2016 — December 4th, 2016
China's Competitive Cost Of Commercial Launch Company Slashes Pricing
Expace announced they would charge around $10,000 per kilogram of satellite payload which is said to be less than half the prevailing commercial price.
NEXT Up For Iridium — Boeing Relationship Restructured
Under the agreement, Iridium is expected to hire the majority of the Boeing team that currently supports Iridium by performing operations and maintenance on Iridium’s satellites...
Brazil's EchoStar 23 To Launch In The New Year... And Report About SpaceX Explosion 
SpaceX is expected to inform insurance underwriters about the cause of the September 1 failure,
Funding For ADS-B & AIS-Signals Smallsat Constellation Secured
The objective of A&M is to own and operate a constellation of nanosatellites to be launched into a low-inclination Equatorial orbit.
RUAG's 'To Do List' For OneWeb... Get Busy Building 900 Satellite Structures
In total, RUAG Space will build 900 satellite structures, the largest mass production of satellites in history.
Kepler Communications... Communications Just Got Better As Clyde Space Begins 3U Construction 
data generated from the satellites will assist with intelligent shipping to smart agriculture, traffic management and wearable technologies such as ... 
LeoSat Lands A Launch Partner With Globalsat Group
LeoSat’s new system of LEO satellites can deliver lower latency and stronger end-to-end security when compared to traditional satellite...
Transformational DVB-S2X Technology Incoming From iDirect
iDirect’s DVB-S2X solution is the result of a significant investment to co-develop a state-of-the-art ASIC chipset...
The Early Birds Obtain The Discount — SmallSat Symposium 2017, Silicon Valley
The countdown has started for the early bird registration discounts for the SmallSat Symposium 2017, Silicon Valley, in session in February of next year.
Orbital ATK's Cygnus A Performance Artist In Space... No Trapeze Necessary For These Space Experiments
“The OA-5 mission was filled with numerous accomplishments...”