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May 27th, 2020

Self-Organizing Smallsats to Form the First 3D Formation
In NetSat, four nano-satellites will demonstrate relevant techniques for...   Full Story

Back to the Future as NASA and SpaceX Ready for Launch America to Transport U.S. Astronauts to ISS
"This is a unique moment where all of America can take a moment and look at our country do something stunning again."   Full Story

Airbus Receives ESA Contract for Third ESM for NASA's Orion Spacecraft
The third European Service Module (Artemis III Mission) will be used to fly...   Full Story

Thales Alenia Space to Lead PROMISE Project for the Creation of 100 Percent European-Built Satellites
Thales Alenia Space in Spain is leading the PROMISE consortium along with major satellite manufacturer...   Full Story

Virgin Orbit's Demo Mission: The Good + the Not-So-Good
The company successfully completed all of the pre-launch procedures, the...   Full Story

Satellite System for the USAF Missile Warning System Completes Crucial PDR
The NGG program is developing two infrared mission payloads in a...   Full Story

Equatorial Space Systems' 'Down Under' Launch Support is Southern Launch Australia
The  launcher company, notable for their hybrid propulsion systems, last month revealed the Dorado sounding rocket...   Full Story

Raytheon Intelligence & Space Announces Successful Sensor Design Payload PDR for U.S. Space Force Missile Warning Program
Following PDR, RI&S is focusing on manufacturing hardware and building...   Full Story

Forrester Reports: SES Clearing Some C-Band Spectrum + Intelsat Debuts CellBackhaul
From the outset of this proceeding, SES says it has supported accelerated...   Full Story

No Lunar Race Between Russia and the United States... According to Roscosmos' Head
...he stated that Russia is not going to take part in some lunar race that resembles some election competition between Republicans and Democrats...   Full Story




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