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Current Satellite News
February 12th, 2020
Spaceflight Industries Strikes Deal to Sell Rideshare Launch Business; Will Focus on BlackSky Satellites
Since its founding in 2010, Spaceflight Inc. has handled launch logistics for 271 satellites on 29 rockets. It’s planning more than 10 missions in 2020 across five different launch vehicles.
Spaceflight Industries Sells Their Rideshare Launch Business
he company engaged in this acquisition for the following reasons, according to Blake. The biggest, most obvious benefit is growth. The commercial...
NewSpace Networks Raises $200 Million for Edge Computing Via Space Connectivity
NewSpace is focused on four areas: affordability, efficiency, scalability, and adaptability to multiple market segments... He co-authored more than 20 U.S. and international patents ...
Kleos Scouting Mission Satellites En Route to India for Upcoming Launch
Used with other data sources, Kleos’ independent geolocation data will assist the detection of hidden maritime activity, such as piracy, drug and people smuggling and illegal fishing.
SpaceWorks Releases 2020 Nano/Microsatellite Market Forecast 
As for 2020, SpaceWorks analysts project between 298 - 369 nano/microsatellites (1 - 50 kg) will launch globally as the industry seeks to rebound from a down-year in 2019.
GomSpace's Team of U of Arizona, FreeFall Aerospace, and Rincon Research Support a Cat
Working with UA and GomSpace they’ll be able to help realize the full potential of small low-cost spacecraft by dramatically increasing their data return capability.
Gilmour Space Receives Millions in Funding for Australian Government Flight-Ready Cryotanks
The project is a $12.5 million investment by the consortium with support from the Federal Government in order to design, develop and manufacture...
Azercosmos and Infostellar Enter into Ground Station Partnership
... integrating the StellarStation platform with the Ground Station will create an excellent condition for organizations to get secure access to the satellites that pass over their coverage area.