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Current Satellite News
January 27th, 2020
JCSAT-17 and GEO-KOMPSAT-2B Prepped by Arianespace for Launch
Both spacecraft, which will be deployed in geostationary transfer orbit (GTO) during the Arianespace mission, are undergoing their preparation...
Nilesat Selects SpaceX to Launch Their Nilesat-301 Satellite
A contract was sealed between Nilesat and SpaceX in Cairo on January 21 and this is the first cooperation between the two companies...
Blending Their Smallsat Expertise — Orbital Transports + Innovative Solutions in Space (ISISPACE)
Orbital Transports provides turnkey satellite solutions to companies who want access to space and yet have little-to-no prior experience with space...
India Unveils Anti-Satellite Missile
The new weapon was unveiled at a time when the United States, China, and other countries are competing to develop weapons to secure a military advantage in outer space.
A Stunner from Eutelsat to the FCC + Forrester Reports on the CBA
Eutelsat in its FCC filing on January 23rd told the FCC that the CBA’s suggestions are “fatally flawed” because the auction value of the licenses...
An EO Contract Received by QinetiQ from ESA for Smallsat Development
The new 75 million euros contract will see the company develop and assemble the ALTIUS satellite at its new state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities...
Speedcast to Deploy Newtec's Dialog® Platform
The deployment will enable Speedcast to respond to the exponential demand for high-speed connectivity on board cruise ships and may also be...
Aerospace Creates New Position of GM Corporate Planning and Financial Strategy for Him
Victor brings the critical strategic planning and finance experience they need to continue their legacy of unparalleled support to the national security, civil, and commercial space communities.
Aethera’s New RF Power Processing Unit for Ad Astra's VASIMR® Engine Passes Milestone
The test was one completed one of the three remaining major technology milestones in the NextSTEP Partnership Program contract with NASA for the maturation of the VASIMR engine.
The Satellite Industry Association Welcomes a New Member, Kaman Precision Products, into the New Year
night vision systems, precision telescope positioning, fast steering mirrors for space-based and airborne applications, and image stabilization systems provides resolution to a nanometer 
How NASA's Webb Telescope Will Continue Spitzer's Legacy
"The diversity of atmospheres around terrestrial worlds is probably beyond our wildest imaginations. Getting any information about air on these planets is going to be very useful."
AAC Clyde Space to Work with Intuitive Machines to Empower a Lunar Lander Mission
The Starbuck Mini is AAC Clyde Space's most powerful and cost-efficient power system for advanced space missions, with strong flight heritage and...
Boeing and DirecTV Are Scrambling to Move a Satellite Before it Explodes
Spaceway-1 suffered thermal damage to its batteries as the result of a “major anomaly” in December. Boeing did an evaluation that showed “a significant risk that these battery cells could burst”...