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December 17th, 2019
UPDATE Scrubbed... Soyuz Launch of CHEOPS, OPS-SAT, EyeSat, ANGELS Satellites
The robustness of the basic satellite itself will give ESA flight control teams the confidence they need to upload and try out new, innovative control...
The Kacific1 Satellite Successfully Launched for Kacific by SpaceX
Owned by Kacific Broadband Satellites Group (Kacific), the Boeing-built communications satellite will stream high-speed broadband to 25 nations in...
Northrop Grumman's Customer Plans for First Flight of OmegA™
OmegA rocket will launch up to two NationSats for Saturn Satellite Networks on certification flight for the US Air Force NSSL program in spring 2021
United Launch Alliance Ready to Launch and Test Starliner Capsule 
“We are bridging history as we prepare to launch astronauts again and the Orbital Flight Test is the first step in this process.”
GomSpace, Lockheed Martin Space and Orbital Micro Systems to Combine Expertise for Smallsat Project
The project stems from initial introductory meetings first held in 2017, during B2B17 a business networking event aimed at developing new...
RUAG Space's Electronics and Tests of CHEOPS Space Telescope
The telescope will observe how planets pass in front of their mother star in other solar systems and support the search for potentially life-friendly planets.
Orbion and the Space Physics Research Laboratory to Send Small Satellites Spaceward
SPRL will build and test Orbion’s first Power Processing Units, converting solar energy into thrust for ultra-efficient plasma propulsion systems.
Marlink's New XChange FX Portal for Inmarsat Fleet Xpress Revealed
The Marlink FX Portal is a unique development that can share network data vital to service quality, availability and efficiency on board and remotely...
NSR Answers the Question —  "What is the Right VSAT Strategy?"
Satellite operators moving down the value chain, telco players diversifying their service portfolio, satellite operators partnering with service providers...