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Current Satellite News
December 2nd, 2019
China's First Electromagnetic Satellite Bears Fruitful Results
The satellite has enabled China to obtain a global geomagnetic map and an ionospheric map with its own intellectual property rights.
New, Enhanced Capabilities for Thuraya's T2M-Dual IoT/M2M Solution
Operating on both satellite M2M and cellular networks, Thuraya T2M-DUAL is a dual-mode tracking and monitoring solution with a wide choice of ...
‘PR Disaster’: NASA Ditches Historic All-Female Spacewalk After Spacesuits Won’t Fit
‘PR disaster’: NASA ditches historic all-female spacewalk after spacesuits won’t fit. People on social networks are struggling to understand how NASA 
Scientists Developing Robotic Networks to Make Smart Satellites
The team uses artificial intelligence termed genetic fuzzy logic, and they were able to get the three robots, later five, to move the token to the desired spot.
NSR Analysis: Betting on SATCOM Fleets in a 3.0 Era
Today, we are truly entering a new era, with a shift from video to non-video, lease to service and subscription mode, packing more than a Gbps at less...
Forrester Reports: Approval for Inmarsat Acquisition Still Up in the Air
Some minority shareholders are arguing that the recommended offer fails to account for the potential value of a key Inmarsat partner in the U.S, Ligardo...
Inmarsat and ABB Marine & Ports' Maritime Milestone Agreement
A recent 2018 Inmarsat survey of 125 owners found 51 percent identifying an inability to get data off ships in real-time as their obstacle to IoT adoption.
TriSept Earns Preferred Provider Status with NASA's $18 Million Contract 
already proven their capability with their successful launch integration for the NASA VCLS ELaNa XIX mission that launched 10 CubeSats into orbit aboard 
NASA, French Space Laser Measures Massive Migration of Ocean Animals
This vast animal migration — the largest on the planet and a critical part of Earth’s climate system — has been observed globally for the first time thanks
Hypersonic and Ballistic Space Senor Tracking Phase IIa Contract Assigned to Northrop Grumman
Northrop Grumman is developing a highly capable, affordable, survivable and extensible space-based sensing solution for hypersonic and ballistic...