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Current Satellite News
November 15th, 2019
U.S. Air Force Contracts with Roccor ... Antennas for Space Mission
the antenna will fly on a mission “intended to enhance warfighters’ situational awareness by extending the range of Link 16 tactical communications ..."
Loft Orbital's $13 Million Funds Operations
The company acquired Series A funding with a collection of $13 million to support operations in Boulder, Colorado, and Toulouse, France...
Sorry, rocket fans — Vandenberg won’t launch an Argentine satellite next year. Here’s why
The popular story is that the United States avoids launching polar orbits from Florida after debris from a failed 1960 Thor rocket fell on Cuba, killing a cow.
DOD Looks to Increase Cybersecurity from Commercial Satellite Providers
The move comes amid growing concerns that US adversaries could use online attacks to blind or cripple commercial satellites on which the US military increasingly relies.