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October 20th, 2019
ANGELS, CHEOPS and Egypt's TIBA-1 Arrive at Arianespace for Upcoming Launches
The three spacecraft – TIBA-1, CHEOPS and ANGELS – subsequently were unloaded from the An-124 aircraft for transfer by road to the...
SNC and Partners Deliver a Post-ISS Study to the European Space Agency
The study looked at scenarios for European microgravity missions in LEO on the premise the ISS will eventually be either decommissioned or turned ..
C-COM Assisting Softbank in Comms Restoration Following Destructive Japanese Typhoon
C-COM’s mobile antennas, including the iNetVu MP-100-MOT (a fully automatic backpack antenna system) and the iNetVu FLY-981...
Globalstar Heralds Their Release of the Sat-Fi2® Hotspot
With Sat-Fi2 RAS, a satellite WiFi hotspot is created so that users can stay connected while they are on the move. Ideal for users in a vehicle, a fishing ...
Airbus Passes All Tests for ESA's Solar Orbiter — Ready for Cape Canaveral Launch
Built by Airbus, Solar Orbiter will study the Sun in detail and its effects on the solar system. The spacecraft carries a suite of complementary...
Astrobotic and Dymon Agree to Send the First Japanese Rover to the Moon
Yaoki has already successfully passed more than 100 tests, and has the smallest but most effective rover wheels ever produced.
Firefly Aerospace and Aerojet Rocketdyne Come Together for Space Access Solutions
Citing threats to U.S. space capabilities officials emphasized the need to shift to ... smaller spacecraft that can be developed and launched quickly.
Forrester Reports: Telesat Raises New Debt to Pay Down Older Debt
The new borrowings are priced at 6.5 percent and are not due until October of 2027. The debt offering was originally designed to raise $500 million and...