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October 15th, 2019
In Appreciation and Anticipation ... Northup Grumman's Gathering in D.C. of OmegA Team
The OmegA team works as a true partner with the Air Force, and that partnership extends to our suppliers.”
No Small Matter ... LeoLabs' Kiwi Space Radar Can Track Super Small Objects in LEO
designed to track approximately 250,000 additional objects down to 2 centimeters in size that account for most of the risk of collisions in space
Ten Years of On-Orbit Success for the Northrop Grumman-Built STSS Satellites
Continuing to operate today, the STSS satellites provide critical support for missile and national defense. Two STSS satellites were launched into LEO...
Survey: Latest Technology Not Getting to U.S. Military Fast Enough
“We have men and women in uniform that have far better connectivity at home than they do on a mission,”
'The First' Delivered by Barge ... Thales Alenia Space's Container for Spacebus' NEO Telecom Satellite
From sea to space: the journey begins to bring connectivity for Africa and Europe
AeroVironment Delivers New ISR UAS to Warfighters with the Puma LE
Puma LE builds on the combat-proven Puma AE legacy with new capabilities, increased range, and expanded payload capacity. With the...
Economic Free Zone for Foreign Companies Engaged in Space-Related Development Initiated by the UAE Space Agency
This is part of the UAE Space Agency's Investment Plan, which has been officially approved by the government and is now active — the National ...
NSA Initiates Cybersecurity Directorate
Under the newly instituted Cybersecurity Directorate — a major organization that unifies NSA’s foreign intelligence and cyberdefense...
The Sixth GNSS Market Report is Published by the European GNSS Agency (GSA)
In this environment, the sixth issue of the GSA GNSS Market Report, now officially launched, is a valuable tool enabling all stakeholders to skillfully...
Orbital Micro Systems' IOD-1 GEMS Satellite Reveals Eyewall Replacement Cycle of Typhoon Hagibis
delivered exceptional spatial resolution and sensitivity in providing imagery ... competitive with multi-billion-dollar government programs performing
Kymeta to Participate in Viasat’s Government Terminal Modification Kit Program
Enabling interoperability between Kymeta’s terminals and Viasat’s SATCOM networks provides assurance to U.S. Department of Defense ...