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September 25th, 2019
Britain Needs a 'Space Force' to Stop Enemy Forces Destroying Its Satellites, Industry Leaders Warn
'We have to be able to defend ourselves in space, if we know there are non-state and state actors who may be inclined to disrupt in the future the  ...
First UAE Astronaut Lifts Off with U.S and Russian Space Station Crew
"It is a unique responsibility and a unique opportunity to bring aboard the station the first astronaut from the United Arab Emirates ...
'Shields Up': Defence Department Looks for New Ways to Protect Canada's Satellites, with a Nod to Star Trek
China conducted a military test ...to destroy one of its satellites. The warhead obliterated the spacecraft, creating an estimated 300,000 pieces of debris.
"Amazing Accomplishment" as 4th Space Operations Squadron Gains Enhanced Polar System
“We didn’t just throw a satellite up there and it was good to go. We had to put [the satellite] in space, see if it integrated with our systems and ensure we ...
SSTL and Leonardo's Funding for MWIR Imager plus Three UK Space Organizations' Funding for Novel Space Telescope 
The MWIR imager will be designed to achieve 3.5 meter GSD and to fit into a small and low cost agile platform with a launch mass of approximately 130 kg....
Funding for NASA, NOA, NSF, NTIA and Others is Determined by U.S. Senate Appropriations Subcommittee
$6.2 billion for Exploration to advance NASA’s human exploration program; $2.586 billion for Space Launch System, $1.4 billion for the Orion spacecraft
China's Long March-2D Rocket Sends Yunhai-1 02 Satellite into Orbit
used mainly for detecting the atmospheric and marine and space environment, as well as disaster control and other scientific experiments.
Russians Attach U.S. Satellite Incorrectly ...  Launch of MEV-1 and Eutelsat-5WB Satellites Postponed 
specialists from Roscosmos have established the reason of malfunction ... the U.S. spacecraft was not attached correctly to the upper stage
Axesat and CETel Merge to Create AXESS Networks 
AXESS combines experiences of two individual leading companies from two continents ... and a new true global leader rises within our thrilling industry.
KVH Industries Receives Military Customer Orders for their FOG-Based TACNAV® Systems
KVH’s FOG-based TACNAV® military vehicle navigation systems provide unjammable precision navigation, heading, and pointing data for vehicle...