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July 31st, 2019
Lucky 13 ... ATLAS Space Operations Adds Nine New Ground Stations and Provides More FREEDOM™
ATLAS saw an over 100 percent increase in the amount of passes in second quarter 2019, and are on track to quadruple that rate in the third quarter.
Iridium and Thales are Partners for the International Monohull Open Class Association's Global Yacht Racing Season
From June 2019 to June 2021, IMOCA race teams will rely upon Iridium Certus® as their primary means of satellite communication. Together,...
Hiber Debuts 1U Attitude and Control Systems for the Global Cubesat Market
HiberDrive is a brand new Attitude and Orbit Control System (AOCS) miniaturized to 1U for the global cubesat market. Hyperion’s Attitude...
Brazilian Content From Baita Conteúdo to Be Delivered by SES
Baita Conteúdo, which currently distributes its channels over the internet for payTV cable operators, will deliver the same channels via satellite and...
Perfect Timing ... Phasor's ISO 9001 Certification and Their Release of ESA for Land Mobile, Maritime and Aviation
The overall process of ISO 9001 Certification has taken six months, and places Phasor on solid footing as the company looks to roll-out its products in
FCC Plans To Make It Cheaper, Easier To Launch Satellites
The new small satellite category cuts the cost to $30,000 for a constellation of 10 or less satellites. New rules require operators build in a six-year lifespan ...
Satellites with Lasers and Machine Guns Coming! China's new plans? Trump's Space Force? Nope, the French
After all, what could possibly go wrong, apart from everything? The machine-gun-on-a-satellite concept is the most extreme part of France's space strategy:
SCISYS Data Processing Unit Commissioned for Inclusion by BAE Systems for ESA's JUICE Mission to Jupiter
For a radio-science experiment, special Data Processing Unit (DPU) software is required to perform ranging measurements and observe...
Pressure Regulator the Cause of the Gilmour Space Technologies Rocket Launch Anomaly
According to company CEO, Adam Gilmour, in a just-published posting, at T-7 seconds to launch, the test rocket suffered an anomaly that resulted in...
Hughes JUPITER™ System to be Employed in the Philippines by PHSAT Telecom Solutions
PHSAT aims to provide Internet service to underserved and unserved areas in the Philippines and increase Internet speed and reliability throughout the...
Russia Denies OneWeb's Satellite Internet Request
also noted that the move was somewhat ironic since OneWeb is using Russian rockets and launch sites to send its satellites into orbit.