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July 25th, 2019
After Chandrayaan-2, is India Planning a Third Moon Trip with Japan?
In the next 4-5 years alone, major space-faring nations are planning to send at least seven missions to the lunar South Pole.
SpaceX Soars Sending a Dragon on a Falcon to Resupply the ISS ... CRS-18 Mission Success So Far
Under the CRS contracts, SpaceX has restored the US’ capability to deliver and return significant amounts of cargo, including live plants and animals, ...
The USAF Space and Missile Systems Center Awards Frontier Technology with EGS Support Contract
EGS is a government-controlled platform and underlying infrastructure that will provide ground services and enterprise Defensive Cyber Operations to...
ResearchAndMarkets' Report 'Satellite Launch Vehicle Global Market Outlook (2017 to 2026)' 
Based on orbits, the GEO orbit segment accounted for steady growth in this market segment, owing to the growing deployment of smallsats...
Orbital Micro Systems' UK Business Development Manager Brings His Weather Expertise 
Leveraging his specialization in operational weather and aviation forecasting, Porter will work with OMS’ International Center for Earth Data...
Hughes to Improve the Resiliency and Interoperability of U.S. Army's MILSATCOM Systems
The contract calls for Hughes to demonstrate a new, end-to-end Narrowband SATCOM Architecture (NBSA) incorporating Machine Learning (ML) and...
Advanced Cybersecurity Aitech Debuts C875
The cybersecurity features on the C875 include Intel’s Trusted Platform architecture, Secure Boot and BIOS Guard based on Intel’s TXT, TPM 2.0 and BIOS security SSD...
Applied Satellite Technology is Official SATCOM Supplier for Clipper Round the World Yacht Race
AST will provide a bespoke voice and data services solution to meet the ever-growing operational and media demands of the global yacht race...
Understanding the Fabric of the Universe Over 10 Billion Years ... Euclid's Redesign of Near-Infrared Detectors
This will enable scientists to determine in unprecedented detail the properties of the mysterious dark energy and dark matter, which together are thought to 
Bridging Canada’s Digital Divide ... the Government of Canada Invests $600 Million (CAD) in Telesat 
The partnership is expected to generate $1.2 billion (CAD) in revenue for Telesat over 10 years, which includes a contribution of up to $600M (CAD) 
It's a Reflection on Optical Surfaces ... Their Hyperbolic Mirrors Focus on Deep Space Observation
The technical aspects of something that normally isn't that technical, namely a mirror, is now addressed by Optical Surfaces Ltd.
Airbus Reports the ESA JUICE Satellite is Ready for Additional Integration
This is the start of the satellite's Earthly journey through different Airbus sites in Europe (Lampoldshausen, Friedrichshafen and Toulouse) toward...