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June 9th, 2019
Esri Software Powers Location Intelligence in Microsoft's Defense System Demonstration
The platform is intended to demonstrate to defense and intelligence professionals how they can use connecting field sensor data and cloud...
Purdue's Space Trash Collection Plan ... Sail to Smoother and Safer Reentry
Though the chances are extremely low of the space objects crashing to Earth and causing injury or damage, there is still a slight risk of that happening.
Mitsubishi Electric U.S. Sells Satellite On-Board Equipment from Newest Division in California
The satellite and MMS equipment will be manufactured by the company’s ultimate parent corporation in Japan, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation...
International Institute of Space Commerce's Newest Patron, World's Thought Leader, Follows in Footsteps of His Good Friend
“Do you know how hard it is to make the whole world rich? Not that hard. We’ve known how since the early 1970s: harness the near endless energy..."  
Infostellar's New UK-Based Dedicated Regulatory Affairs Division is Headed by Former One Web Director 
he worked for the British Government, serving as Director of Satellite Telecommunications and Navigation at the British National Space Centre
European Space Agency to Offer an Integrated Space Transportation System
Offering an array of orbit altitudes and inclinations, Space Rider will enable a large variety of experiments in microgravity, open opportunities for...
USAF SMC RS Embraces Rapid and Innovative Space Acquisitions
With its Ground and Data Exploitation Team, RS is embracing SMC 2.0 by implementing Agile program management methodology in its...