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Current Satellite News
May 21st, 2019
ULA's Vulcan Centaur Rocket Completes System CDR Milestone
When the first Vulcan Centaur rocket flies in less than two years, a high percentage of the rocket will have flown before on ULA’s Atlas launch...
More than 500 Nominations ... Washington Business Journal's Survey Awards iDirect Government Best Place to Work   
This award builds upon iDirectGov’s recognition from the Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA) earlier this month with a win of the...
Fourth BeiDou Backup Satellite Launched by China
After being sent to the geostationary earth orbit and on-orbit tests, the satellite will be connected to the BDS to provide users with more reliable...
Forrester Reports: Echostar's Broadcast Satellite Services Division Purchased by DISH Network
The Echostar BSS business provides broadcast satellite services to DISH Network and other related activity including DISH’s Mexican subsidiary...
Announcing Orbital Micro Systems' Global Sales Director ... He Was With Google, Digital Globe, Lockheed Martin and More
He has a proven track record in enterprise data sales, in executive sales with industry leaders like Google, Digital Globe, and SkyBox Imaging.
Akash Systems Designates a New Vice President
Montauti’s appointment continues the expansion of the Akash Systems’ core management team, which has been carefully assembled by...
Spectra Group, Winner of the Queen's Award for SlingShot Systems are at the SOFIC Exhibition in Tampa 
a low size, weight and power system enables UHF and VHF tactical radios to extend into the realm of Beyond Line of Sight  Communications on the Move
Ball Aerospace's Green Smallsat Ready for NASA's Green Propellant Mission Arrives in Florida 
The GPIM bus uses the smallest of the Ball Configurable Platform satellites, which is about the size of a mini refrigerator, and was built in just 46 days.
U.S. GSA Awards Maximum $450 Million to Viasat to Ensure Warfighters' Security Across Battlespace
Through this award, Viasat will deliver a diverse portfolio of technologies and services to advance communications, intelligence, security and...