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Current Satellite News
April 29th, 2019
FCC Approves SpaceX’s Plans to Fly Internet-Beaming Satellites in a Lower Orbit
Instead of flying them at 1,150 kilometers, the company now wants to fly them much lower at 550 kilometers. And now the FCC is on board.
ISRO Postpones Chandrayaan-2 To July After Israel's Failed Moon Mission
The launch of India's Moon mission was scheduled in April but it was postponed after Israel's Beresheet spacecraft crashed during moon landing 
NSR Reports the Leader in Cellular Backhaul Shipments is Gilat
Gilat’s cellular backhaul leadership is most noteworthy with tier-1 MNOs deploying LTE networks throughout the globe. Such deployments include...
The Asia Video Industry Association to Present 2019 Edition of the Satellite Industry Forum 
Over the past year, a profound change in the satellite industry has been witnessed by all — evolving consumption habits have led to fast-paced 
NSR Publishes The Second Edition of Their Emerging Space Markets Analysis
Of the $17.8 billion identified in NSR’s Emerging Space Markets Analysis, 2nd Edition report as funding made in emerging space markets...
Finalists Named for World Teleport Association' s Teleport Awards for Excellence
WTA selects its finalists from nominations submitted to the association by both members and non-members. Recipients are selected by a vote of the...
Datum Systems and Continuous Satellite Data's Latest Opportunity with an Opportunistic Modem™
Through bonding of up to 8 disjoint spaces of satellite spectrum the OM™ uses satellite capacity that would otherwise be “stranded” due to 
Satcom Global's New President of Asia Pacific ... He Was Inmarsat's VP Focused in a Maritime Capacity
The maritime sector is going through a period of great change and requires increasing communication connectivity at greater speeds, capacity and ...
World Teleport Association's 2019 Teleport Executive of the Year ... He is CETel's CEO
Even under harsh economic conditions that teleports have been faced with around 2012, he maneuvered CETel safely, successfully and profitably and created
Space & Satellite Professionals International's New President of the Board ... He's Newtec's CEO
Building the commercial space economy that will employ a million people in space. Everyday, they are making a better world from outside the atmosphere 
SpeQtral Announces $1.9 Million Seed Funding to Power Space-Based Quantum Comms Systems
Formerly known as S15 Space Systems, SpeQtral is building space-based quantum communication systems rooted in advanced technologies ...
Datum's Big Steps to a Bigger Company Include a Major Mesa Move and Promotion 
responsible for leading Datum through the new Satcom era of multi-orbit, multi-band high-throughput networks, GEO/MEO/LEO satellite constellations 
High-Speed, On-The-Move Connectivity Solution Debuts from UHP Networks
These solutions comprise several key features, such as seamless switchover of mobile VSAT terminals between satellite beams, load...
SES Networks and Teleglobal Bring Broadband Access and Mobile Connectivity Services to Rural Indonesia 
mobile services will not only empower these underserved communities, but also unlock the as-yet-untapped economic potential of the digital economy.