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April 23rd, 2019
A SpaceX Crew Dragon Safety Test Went Very Wrong. Here's Why That Matters
But Florida Today reported that a smoke plume was visible for "miles" around Cape Canaveral after the incident.
Double Debuts from IEC Telecom Feature Thuraya Comms Technologies
IEC Telecom’s Thuraya VSAT+ service provides traffic optimization for a better user experience and flexible tariff plans with no yearly lock-in...
Pre-Solicitation by the National Geospatial Agency for Satellite Altimetry Modeling
This effort is to create satellite based altimetry models of the world. The models will be fully produced and their error calculated prior to being given ...
Terrasat Communications' Newest ... IBUC 3 to be Revealed at Satellite 2019
This latest in Terrasat's technology is now an ultra-lightweight, super compact, available up to 40W and comes with a three-year warranty.
37th International Communications Satellite Systems Conference Requesting Submission of Papers
Satellite communication industries in Asia-Pacific region and the activities will be expected to be introduced during the 37th ICSSC. With the...
The UAE's Mars Mission Hope Probe Reaches an 85 Percent Build Completion
The 1.5 ton Hope Probe build is now 85 percent complete, according to the organizations, with the majority of the parts in place with the unit going ...
Viasat's Key Milestone ... Ships 1,000 BATS-D Link 16 Radios
Viasat has steadily increased BATS-D production capabilities in response to growing demand. The BATS-D handheld Link 16 radio is part of Viasat’s...
C-Band Alliance Proposal for 5G Spectrum Roll-Out Gains Independent Support
Additionally, the CBA issued a ‘Public Interest’ list of responses to the various grumbles presented to the FCC. Notably, the Alliance stresses that ...
Airbus' New Head of Space Systems ... He is "One of Their Most Experienced Executives in the Division"
he is one of their most experienced executives in the division and with his extensive industrial expertise, accumulated over many years in our company,