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Current Satellite News
April 22nd, 2019
Amid Worry Over Space Wars, America Already has Tools to Shoot Down Satellites
Russia and China, too, have anti-satellite technologies. They are including space in the future war plans.
Video Appears to Show SpaceX's New Spaceship for NASA Exploding During a Safety Test
On Sunday, an unverified video on Twitter claimed to show the space capsule exploding during the test.
The Latest Lost Satellite is Now Space Junk that Could Put Other Spacecraft at Risk
“It’s a big problem, because now basically you have a floating bomb in GEO,”
BAE Systems Makes Space Missions More Flexible with New Software-Defined Radio Assembly 
provides multiple receive and transmit channels that can be configured for different applications, like weather sensing, flexible communications payload, 
The Pentagon is Investing in Space Robots to Repair Satellites
robots offer the best bet for inspecting and repairing high-altitude satellites, especially with the number of satellites set to skyrocket due to a budding 
How This NASA Telescope is Defending the Earth From Asteroids
about 20,000 near-Earth objects have flitted in and out of our neighborhood in recent decades—almost 900 of which were more than 3,200 feet across.
China's 20th Global Navigation Satellite is Launched
After it was launched close to midnight on Saturday, April 20, from the Xichang center in southwest China, the latest addition to the Beidou...
DISA Awards Iridium with EMSS Ground Site Contract
Dedicated for use by the U.S. DoD, their Iridium gateway serves as the uplink and downlink point for the DoD’s EMSS communications capabilities through 
Blue Canyon Technologies' New Mexico Expansion is One of the Largest to Create Some of the Smallest Satellites 
The new space will be an advantage to support execution of the DARPA Blackjack Phase 1 program, as well as the AFRL ASCENT program.  
Hubble's 29th Anniversary Celebrates with a Colorful Crab ... Southern Crab Nebula
Hubble's landmark accomplishments include making the deepest views ever taken of the evolving universe, finding planet-forming disks around ...
Final Phase of Construction by Boeing for the Kacific1 Satellite
Kacific Broadband Satellites Group’s (Kacific) first satellite is a High Throughput Satellite (HTS) currently in production at Boeing’s El Segundo...
The Lockheed Martin Built AEHF-5 Satellite for the USAF Arrives in Florida for Launch
The satellite was transported from the Lockheed Martin satellite integration facility in Sunnyvale, California, via a C-5 Super Galaxy aircraft. The C-5...
Forsway Engaged in 5G Development Project with European Space Agency
Forsway's 5G project aims to enable and simplify a communication service provider's (CSP) ability to significantly accelerate slow or congested...
Key Ground Station Manufacturers Partner with Infostellar
As a result of these partnerships, StellarStation has been deemed compatible with several widely used ground station hardware options...