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Current Satellite News
April 7th, 2019
Alba Orbital's Seven Affordable PocketQubes Will Rip Through the Sky on Rocket Lab’s Electron
these small but mighty payloads will get to orbit faster, experiencing a first-class ride and precise orbital insertion to maximize their potential on orbit.
The European SpaceDataHighway's First Satellite has Forged 20k Laser Links
EDRS-A, the first satellite in what will eventually be a global constellation, has made its 20,000th successful optical link to its customer satellites since ...
Amazon Forges Forward with Project Kuiper Smallsat Constellation
This giant retailer is calling this constellation "Project Kuiper." Kuiper is that area of space beyond the eight planets of our solar system, a distant region...
Forrester Reports: Eutelsat Interested in IoT Satellite Constellation
Eutelsat CEO Rodolphe Belmer, addressing a Paris conference, said his company will extend the single ‘test’ satellite already being built with the...
DRM Ops Single Key Solution Revealed by NovelSat
Now, only a single key insertion at the modulator is needed for all transmitted media streams. This DRM solution enables fast and easy...
Roccor's New COO is Promoted from Within ... She Will Help With Company's Transition to High Growth
she will lead in the introduction of an Enterprise Resource Planning platform and create a visual manufacturing environment for the company.​
Industry Veteran Dawn Harms Joins ManSat Group Board of Directors
She spent 22 years with Ford Aerospace and Space System Loral (SSL), holding a number of leadership positions, including Vice President of...
Pentagon To Explore Potential of 5G — and Its Made-in-China Hazards
Last week, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford called 5G a “critical national security issue.”