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Current Satellite News
March 31st, 2019
A Kiwi Launches DARPA's $25 Million R3D2 ... Rocket Lab Sends Small Satellite Soaring From New Zealand
DARPA’s R3D2 mission was launched just over 18 months from conception a significant reduction in traditional government launch acquisition timeframes.
Blink Astro® Achieves a Ride on ISRO's Launch of 29 Satellite
The success of the AgriBlinkR™ release, furthered their confidence for the upcoming spaceflight demonstration mission of Blink's proprietary radio 
SES Networks Connectivity Goes to New Heights for Ultimate Luxury Aboard The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection
SES Networks’ Signature Maritime Solution to offer unmatched connectivity at sea aboard custom-built luxury yachts
Forrester Reports: Contract Won by Hispasat for Mexican Telecoms Company
Hispasat is using their Amazonas 5 satellite as the Ka-band service provider, as well as continuing with its existing Ku-band services from...
KVH's New 1 Meter Ku-/C-band Maritime VSAT Antenna is Fastest for the Demands of Global Connectivity
offers a dual Ku-/C-band design with automatic switching including Northern and Southern latitudes, and reliable connectivity, even in extreme weather.
Space & Satellite Hall of Fame's 2019 New Members are Greg Wyler, Matt Desch and Henry Goldberg
“In this year’s dramatic ceremony, we add to the Hall of Fame a set of leaders who have created commercial space markets and made them work.”
USAF General Denker (ret.) Joins Lockheed Martin to Head Satellite Ground Programs
Denker will oversee Intelligence and Analytic Development programs in support of space ground systems within the Mission Solutions line of...
China Launches Tianlian II-01 Satellite
The Tianlian II-01 satellite was launched at 11:51 p.m. Beijing Time by a Long March-3B carrier rocket. As the first satellite to constitute China's...