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Current Satellite News
March 21st, 2019
Prest-O Change-O as Lockheed Martin's Small Smart Satellites can Change Missions in Orbit
with new architecture that will let users add capability and assign new missions with a software push, just like adding an app on a smartphone.
The Vega Launch of Italy's PRISMA Satellite is a Success for Arianespace
Vega deployed the payload into Sun-Synchronous Orbit (SSO) during a 54 minute mission performed from the Spaceport in French Guiana. The...
Northrop Grumman Systems' Support for U.S. Air Force's Enhanced Polar System Control and Planning Segment
EPS for secure, jam-resistant, strategic and tactical communications to support peacetime, contingency, homeland defense, wartime operations, and 
Satellite's Dazzling Photographs of California's 'Super Bloom' of Spring Flowers from Outer Space
480 miles above the planet, the bursts of orange color, and miles' worth of cars, are so dense they are easily spotted by the WorldView-2 satellite 
Speedcast Brings Their Fully Managed Comms to Mozambique
Speedcast's solution will leverage C-band VSAT to provide reliable internet communications across the camp, allowing those on base to communicate...
Northrop Grumman Engaged by U.S. Army at a Maximum of $982 Million for Cyber Electromagnetic Technologies 
The contract will enable the Army to procure an entire range of cyber electromagnetic activities (CEMA) aimed at advancing the force’s lethality in...
Visit Vislink's Updated Aerial- and Ground-Based Secure Systems at Milipol Asia-Pacific
with the MOHOC® tactically-designed military helmet camera, it provides ultra-low latency and broadcast quality live video transmission over RF in the 
Now Covering the Pacific Ocean is KVH's mini-VSAT Broadband(sm) Network
KVH launched its mini-VSAT Broadband HTS network in late 2017 and continually enhances the network with technological advancements. The...
Sierra Nevada Corporation's Dream Chaser Spacecraft Passes NASA's IR5 Status Check
The review included development of the vehicle’s flight computers and software, mission simulator and Mission Control Center.  SNC also...
Two Significant Industry Experts Join HawkEye 360's Advisory Board
HawkEye 360 uses satellites that fly in a commercially unique formation to independently pinpoint the geographical origin of a wide range of radio...