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Current Satellite News
March 10th, 2019
Es’hail-2 Reports to Work ... Now in Commercial Service
In addition, it carries the first ever payload on geostationary satellite to support amateur radio community across the visible Earth from its orbital location.
Aerospace Provides Urgent Information to Assist with U.S. Defense and Space Development
“This year, we saw numerous government mandates to treat space programs uniquely with more resources.”
"High Performance: Service Continuity" Themed World Teleport Association Workshop Set for CABSAT 2019
This workshop will explore some key results from this recently published report. Service continuity is the core deliverable to customers. Most other...
LeoStella's New CEO Steps In as Previous CEO Returns to Thales Alenia Space
He will lead the company as it enters the next phase of growth, designing and manufacturing small satellites at scale at its state-of-the-art production facility.
At GLEC 2019 in Morocco, Special Session on Technology and Skills Development is Announced
Given the nascent stage of developing countries in the field of space science and technology, technology and skills development become important success...