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Current Satellite News
February 28th, 2019
ICEYE Appoints Seasoned Satellite Industry Vets to Vice President Positions
Steve Young and Leola Moss bring ICEYE the kind of experience and expertise that helps the company to focus on the value the firm creates for...
Boeing's Nomination for Election to Board of Directors ... She Was the First Female Governor of Her State
Not only is Boeing the largest aerospace company in the world and America's biggest exporter, it also understands the importance of teamwork and ...
University of Virginia, Old Dominion University and Virginia Tech Smallsats Delivered to NanoRacks for ISS Launch
Astronauts aboard the International Space Station will release the CubeSats so they can orbit together as a constellation. The ODU satellite, which has a...
Boeing Appoints Senior VP of Communications ... She Leads Already from Within 
Toulouse has served as interim SVP of Communications since September 2018. Effective immediately, she continues in the role on a permanent basis...
Maxar Technologies’ MDA's RADARSAT-2 Does More than Count Indonesia's Trees with Forest Alert Service
APP's losses of natural forest cover in their forest concessions has dropped from between 5-6 percent[1]  to just 0.06[2] percent in the conservation area 
ISRO is Preparing Emisat and 28 Satellites for Launch
An electronic intelligence satellite — Emisat — for the Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation is set for launch...
Aussie University Demonstrates Revolutionary Space Imaging ... Inspired by Eyes and Brain
Using biologically-inspired event-based cameras, i.e. cameras that function like the  to overcome limitations of cameras exposure times and saturation
Homeland Security Reports ... Polar Scout Satellites Assist in Polar Marine Traffic
“In space, things don’t last. You can’t wait for them to fail. You have to have a solution in the cargo pocket, so when it fails you can implement it quickly.”