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February 26th, 2019
Northrop Grumman Successfully Completes the Cygnus ISS Cargo Supply Mission — Smallsat Hosted Payloads Launched
During the mission, the “S.S. John YoungCygnus met the needs of multiple customers throughout this flight to the International Space Station. The...
Marrakech, Morocco, is the Venue for the IAF's Global Conference on Space for Emerging Countries
Given the many competing social and economic priorities of emerging countries, the finances usually committed to national space programs are...
University of Surrey Partners to Take On Security Challenges of Hacking Satellites
it is more vital than ever that engineers and coders ensure what is sent into orbit cannot be taken down with a string of code.
Pentagon Wants Satellites That Can Dodge Incoming Fire
In the event of a shootout in space, the Defense Department is working to create satellite constellations that can dodge missiles or even satellite-based weapons
India's Two Firsts ... ISRO's New SmallSat Launch Vehicle Will Launch Two Small Defense Satellites
Sivan said the increase in production is sought to be achieved partnering with the private sector.
The Morpheus Space NanoFEEP Propulsion System Successfully Tested in Space
The primary objective of the satellite mission is to test the propulsion system in orbit in order to obtain space qualification, the final and most important...
Forrester Reports: Russian Majority Share Investment in OneWeb
OneWeb should now be able to gain access to Russian consumers, the president of a joint-venture partner said. Dmitry Bakanov, DG of JSC Satellite System Gonets...
Thales Alenia Space's Key Communication Equipment to be the WFIRST to Keep the PACE for NASA's Missions
WFIRST is a NASA strategic mission rated as the top-priority large-scale project in the “New Worlds, New Horizons in Astronomy and Astrophysics”.
An IoT Collaboration Between Inmarsat and Microsoft
The collaboration will initially focus on the delivery of Industrial IoT-based solutions to the agriculture, mining, transportation and logistics sectors...
Thuraya and ITC Global Together Bring First Class Maritime VSAT Service
ensures optimum flexibility by combining Ku-band and L-band. The service is scalable for essential communications such as voice calls, email and position