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Current Satellite News
February 12th, 2019
The First 3D Printed Part for a SpaceIL Moon Landing is Developed by RUAG Space
A 3D engine mount from RUAG Space will be the first 3D printed part on the moon — the lunar lander of the private Israeli company SpaceIL
Spaceflight Prepares for the First, Privately-Funded, Lunar Lander and AFRL Satellite Launch
This will be Spaceflight’s first mission beyond LEO and the company's first combined launch with SSL. In addition to securing capacity aboard the launch...
Plexscape Partners with a Start-Up, Bird.i, to Create Satellite Imagery Within CAD Platform
enable businesses of any size, in various sectors, to bring satellite images, on-demand, right into AutoCAD and other CAD platforms.
Iran's Burn Marks on Launch Pad Indicate Failure to Launch a Second Satellite
Iranian Chief of Staff Mohammad Bagheri said that his country would “not fear threats” aimed at forcing it to negotiate its defense and missile capabilities.
ManSat Group Presents Subject-Matter Experts During the Recent PTC'19 Event in Hawaii
At the conference, ManSat co-sponsored the Satellite Leaders Lunch with ManSat CEO Chris Stott co-moderating a six-strong panel of satellite industry...
NavVis Can SLAM Point Clouds to Remove Artifacts ... the Fringe Benefits Points No More Scattered Beams 
Fringe points and dynamic objects are two common types of point cloud artifacts that affect all 3D laser scanning devices. Fringe points arise when a...
Space-Focused Accelerator Program Announced by Techstars and Starburst
With recent technological breakthroughs such as reusable rockets, 3D printing, advanced materials, and miniaturization of satellites (“smallsats”), as...
DISA Releases their Challenges to Security in Space Report
The advantage that the United States holds in space – and the nation's perceived dependence on it – will continue to drive actors to improve their...
CM Technology Gains Antennas and Services Contract from RBC Signals
During the first quarter of fiscal year 2019, the company received an order for $1.3 million for antennas and other services...
UltiSat's Multi Million Dollar Contract to Provide Airborne SATCOM-On-The-Move Services to Support AISR Programs
to supply an airborne system kit of Multi-INT sensor payload information through near real-time satellite communications onboard a King Air 350ER 
Airbus and Hisdesat's Say It's a Flat World... Flattens TerraSAR-X / PAZ Radar Interferogram
The flattened Cross-Sensor-Interferogram was created from a mixed image pair with four days temporal separation acquired by TerraSAR-X and PAZ
Mr. Steven's 'Home Run' as SpaceX's 'Catcher's Mitt' on a Ship to Capture Nose Cones, Arrives in Florida Via Panama Canal
The ship, with four massive arms that support a "catcher's mitt", sailed 5,500 miles, from California, through the Panama Canal, and north to Florida.
Phase Four's Maxwell Engines to Empower Capella Space SAR Satellites and Tyvak SmallSats
Phase Four’s Maxwell is the first turnkey RF thruster-based propulsion solution targeted at small satellite constellations and is gaining swift traction...