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February 6th, 2019
Prometheus: The Engine that Could ... or Will ... Demonstrate the Future Passes Its Definition Review
the first two examples of the very low cost engine demonstrator, which uses liquid oxygen and methane technology and is potentially reusable.
Spacecom's AMOS-7 Satellite Delivers Nashe Media Group Content to the Ukraine
The success and positive reception by consumers of the company's 4K channel #NASHE HDR is exciting. Working together with UkrKosmos and...
Contract Initiated Between Momentus and EXOLAUNCH for SmallSat LEO Support
The Vigoride service is designed to support smallsats and cubesats in LEO. Vigoride Extended is capable of delivering smallsats throughout HEO and...
Fractals Brighten Radar Reflections for Satellites and Driverless Cars
The new patented and patent pending technology uses a discovery made over a dozen years ago during the research on invisibility cloaks,...
Horizon 2020 Hatches HATCH Offering Opportunities to be Involved in Space Research and Innovation
The topics are unlimited: satellites, black holes, telescopes, research results, planets, what astronauts eat, etc.
The Final Mobile Connectivity 2019 Conference Program is Announced by GVF-EMP
The Mobile Connectivity 2019 event — for which around 509 key connectivity suppliers have already confirmed attendance — will examine...
Russian Specialists Use Ordinary Repair Kit to Mend a Micro-Hole on Fregat Booster
used standard materials and have already eliminated the micro-hole, using an ordinary repair kit.
Gilat's LEO Modem Test is Successful over Telesat's LEO Satellite
The performance with latency as low as 16 msec was achieved in the tier-1 maritime service provider’s teleport in Northern Europe. The test was...
Newtec and Paradigm Partner to Become the First Company to Host Newtec's High-Throughput Modem Board
The integration of SMB3310 and the PIM instantly gives customers access to the Newtec Dialog VSAT platform via Paradigm’s range of high-performance...
Iridium's $3 Billion Satellite Constellation Upgrade is Completed
"We did it! And we did it together – together with the Iridium team, our customer with whom we worked all these years much more as a partner than..
Satellite Map of Queensland, Australia, Completed for the Third Time by Earth-i
Around 6,000 very high-resolution images from the DMC3 Constellation were used for the 2018 update of the map with multiple re-visits to tropical...