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February 5th, 2019
Canadian Government Bestows Arctic Surveillance SmallSat Contract Upon Space Flight Laboratory
The UTIAS SFL smallsats being developed will include multiple sensors on a constellation operating in close formation in LEO to allow for quick and...
Forrester Reports: Belgium Puts Inmarsat Questions to EU Tribunal
A Belgium Court of Appeal’s Market Court ruled on January 23rd that it wanted greater clarity on two specific legal questions and has asked the higher...
Rwanda's Telecom Satellite to Launch Sooner than Original Schedule
between the Rwandan and the Japanese government on Space Inclusion in Africa, 6 young Rwandans are being trained in Japan ahead of the Launch.
SatixFy Debuts the World's First ESMA Antenna at the SmallSat Symposium
The ESMA antenna can serve both as a stand-alone IoT terminal or a building block for a larger sized antenna and is currently available in...
Forrester Reports: "Microhole" Discovery on Russian Rocket to Delay OneWeb Satellites Launch +
However, last week it was reported that a “microhole” problem was discovered on part of the Russian rocket. At the time, it was said that...
SES Leadership Team is Strengthened Through Establishment of a Global Services Organization and Chief Services Officer
The newly created CSO position consolidates all customer support and operational delivery, logistics and services related resources across the///
Shetland Space Centre and Goonhilly Earth Station Sign Space Projects MoU
SSC is planning to construct a commercial rocket launch center on the island of Unst and is developing a teleport and other space-related ground infrastructure, while Goonhilly will...
Orbital AI is the Stated Goal of Hypergiant Industries as the Company Launches Their Galactic Systems Division
In its first step toward realizing this vision, Hypergiant Galactic Systems has acquired Satellite & Extraterrestrial Operations & Procedures (S.E.O.P.s), a...
NanoRacks Racks Up Another International Educational CubeSat Mission on the International Space Station
NanoRacks platforms enable affordable opportunities for everyone from high school, to the university, to the professional researchers at the laboratory...
Arianespace Successfully Opens Their 2019 Launch Season with Flight VA247
Flight VA247 included two spacecraft along with the dispenser system and integration hardware in Ariane 5’s dual-passenger configuration.
Singapore's NTU Singapore Successfully Do It Again... this Time It's Number Nine Satellite
The scientists believe that a lunar mission may be achievable within five years, using satellites weighing no more than 100kg each