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Current Satellite News
January 30th, 2019
Next Long March-5 Launch Set by China
The second Long March-5 rocket was launched from the Wenchang Space Launch Center in the southern province of Hainan on July 2, 2017...
Blue Origin Breaks Ground for New Rocket Engine Facility in Huntsville, Alabama, and 300 New Jobs
BE-4 engine is the most powerful liquefied natural gas fueled rocket engine ever developed and could end U.S.’ reliance on Russia for access to space
Kratos Successfully Commands Spacecraft Using the U.S.A.F.'s Enterprise Ground Services Framework
This demonstration directly follows on the heels of three successful pathfinder studies announced earlier by Kratos for migrating the...
NASA's Curiosity Rover Takes its Last Selfie on Mars and Creates New Questions 
Mars has been the rover's home for more than a year, providing scientists with new samples — and new questions — to puzzle over.
Further Collaboration Between Ursa Space Systems and SI Imaging Services
This contract renews a long-standing partnership, extending back to Ursa’s beginnings as a satellite imagery analytics company and the companies are...
SES Networks Assists Digicel Tonga with Customer Connectivity Challenges Due to Undersea Cable Cuts
Under the agreement, Digicel, a mobile network provider operating in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia Pacific, uses SES’s reliable and ...
WORK Microwave's Commercial V-Band Converters Cover Complete Frequency Band Range from 47.20 to 51.40 GHz
As global consumption of bandwidth-intensive data and broadcast services increases, higher throughput satellites will be a requirement in the future.
New Space's Earth-i Has Been Busy Updating the Beautiful Blue Satellite Map of Queensland, Australia
The images have a pixel size of 80cm (one pixel equates to 80cm on the ground) so that details such as individual trees can be easily seen.