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January 22nd, 2019
U.S. Intelligence Report: Russia Conducts Successful Test of Anti-Satellite Missile
heavy on theater and light on substance, the nation does still maintain the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons on the planet, a formidable submarine fleet, and
Russia to Create Backup Manned Vehicle for Moon Flights without NASA Funding
NASA did not respond to Sputnik's question whether it really turned to Russia with a proposal to create a backup manned space system.
Canadian Astronaut's 'Photo Shoot' of Earth from ISS ... David Saint-Jacques: Dare to Explore … Earth!
Not many can take advantage of shooting photos of Earth while housed in the ISS, but that's what Canadian astronaut, David Saint-Jacques, is doing.
British In-Space Missions Plans for Carpool Satellite Launch this Year from New Zealand
The company provides access to space at an affordable entry price by launching multiple payloads on a single satellite.
Second Generation Beamformer ICs Debut from Anokiwave for SATCOM
The new IC family builds on the company's first generation of beamformer ICs, improving performance, reducing cost, and providing a host of digital...
Under 30 Satellite Companies Spire and ICEYE Team Up To Fight Crime On the High Seas
One reason for this is that ships will often turn off their AIS when they're about to engage in illegal activity.
Canadian SmallSat Launch Services Firm Now Accepting Mission Orders
According to the company, they have assembled a diverse portfolio of launch services to provide timely transportation into space, leveraging the...
Rocket Lab's Electron to Launch a Prototype Reflect Array Antenna for DARPA
The antenna, made of a tissue-thin Kapton membrane, is inside the small satellite for stowage during launch, and deploys to its full size of 2.25 meters
NASA's Flight Crew Change for Boeing’s Starliner ... Medical Issue
Crew shake-ups and reassignments do happen – though they are not “routine” by any stretch.  
China Launches Two Satellites for Multi Spectral Imaging
Loaded with a multi-spectral imager and an infrared camera, they will form a network with the 10 previously launched Jilin-1 satellites,