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Current Satellite News
January 20th, 2019
Statement from ULA as they Launch the National Reconnaissance Office's NROL-71 'Spy Satellite' 
“Congratulations to our team and mission partners for successfully delivering this critical asset to support national security missions.”
This Japanese Company's 400 Tiny Balls Can Create Simulated Meteor Showers
ALE says it is targeting "the whole world" with its products and plans to build a stockpile of shooting stars in space that can be delivered across the world.
Roscosmos Plans Soyuz-2 Unmanned Test of Manned-Type Configuration Craft in September 2019
Also in 2019 we are to put in space a crewless manned configuration spacecraft with the Soyuz-2 rocket. It is a relatively fresh decision. It has not ...
Vietnam Launches a MicroDragon Satellite for Various Earth Observation Tasks  
is designed to monitor the quality of water in coastal areas, locate fishery resources, and observe ocean changes to assist the nation’s aquaculture.
Globecast Partners to Bring a Dozen Guigo TV Channels to Brazil ... Including a Freckle
they are providing quality content for its customers, and Brazilians will have worldwide channels they didn't have access to before, at affordable prices.
Russian Weather Satellite to Launch in June
The equipment installed on Arktika-M satellite will be similar to the geostationary meteorological satellites of the Elektro-L series. Arktika-M will...