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Current Satellite News
January 14th, 2019
Horizon Technologies' £500,000 Grant from Innovate UK for Space-Based RF Monitoring
RF signal collection from space is a component in detecting so-called “dark targets” at sea who turn off AIS transponders to engage in illicit behavior.
Australia Hosts 'Space City' and Welcomes Talent from Around the World 
“grow the Australian space industry,” including $26 million to help launch the agency which will “coordinate domestic space activities for Australia”.
Aireon’s Payload Joins ADS-B Payload Family On Orbit
This launch brought the total number of Aireon payloads in orbit to 75 (66 operational payloads and 9 spares), completing the historic launch program...
Airbus Has the Winning Hand for Blackjack Program ... DARPA's Selection to Develop Small Constellation Satellite Bus 
Constellations of inexpensive satellites permit wide scale disaggregated architectures enhancing survivability across many different mission areas.
Forrester Reports: Ten Percent Staff Cuts by SpaceX
After the cut-backs SpaceX, will have about 6,000 staff on the payroll. It is not yet clear whether it is Musk’s rocket division or his new ‘Starlink’...
Capricorn Space Announces Contract to Purchase Initial S/X-Band Antennas for Australian Ground Network - West
With implementation planning and execution now well advanced, Capricorn Space is poised to offer targeted ground segment service plans to satellite...
MUOS Comms Upgrades Contract from U.S.M.C. to Harris Corporation
Harris has continued to invest in the development and deployment of MUOS and other advanced waveforms to add capability to the widely deployed ...
RigNet Keeps 'em Completely Connected with CompleteConnect Intelligent Remote LTE Services
CompleteConnect automatically switches between LTE providers and LTE and VSAT to give users the most extensive and reliable coverage.
Long-Term Transponder Capacity for PayTV Signed by True Visions Group with Thaicom
The company has retained several Ku-band transponders on the new Thaicom-8 satellite which delivers payTV services to audiences in Thailand...
Avanti's New Chief Operating Officer - Customer ... Her Position was Created for Her
she was Managing Director of Customer Care and a member of the BT Consumer leadership team who grew revenues by more than £1.2bn in five years. 
Xenon and Service Modules for the Eutelsat KONNECT HTS Completed by Thales Alenia Space
The avionics module was built in Thales Alenia Space (TAS) facilities in Cannes and houses all the functions required to power, control and monitor...
A Key Role to be Played by GMV in the ESA and NASA's Mars Sample Return Mission
Running from 2020 to 2030, the international mission will comprise at least three launches from Earth and one more rocket liftoff from Mars, with the...