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Current Satellite News
January 7th, 2019
The Satellite Applications Catapult Partners with Infostellar to Provide Improved Ground Station Access
The Catapult’s ground station is the primary ground location for its In Orbit Demonstration (IOD) program, a unique service that supports UK business...
WW3 Warning: Chinese Military Strategist Reveals ‘Achilles Heel’ of U.S. Defense
The military strategist for the People’s Liberation Army claims that satellites are Donald Trump’s biggest asset but also his biggest weakness.
Forrester Reports: Satellite-Driven Broadband to Drive $159 Billion Over the Next Ten Years
Over the next decade, NSR says that satellite broadband and its related VSAT capacity traffic will grow at 13.4 per cent annually “in...
Marlink Expands VSAT Services to Transpetrol Tanker Fleet
The renewal secures access to Marlink’s global network and specially-chosen business critical VSAT solutions for the entire tanker fleet and two...
Single-Photon Exchange Confirmed over Record-Breaking Distance of 20,000 km
As a result, such satellites can communicate for longer with individual grounds stations and are therefore better suited for creating quantum communications networks.
U.S. Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Signs on with Hughes to Supply BGAN Satellite Terminals
the order outfits SSC Atlantic with the world’s smallest and lightest High Data Rate terminal, for mobile and easy to deploy military communications
Fewer Taiwanese Satellites Will Be Launched by SpaceX After Original Plans are Scaled Back
It originally had 13 micro satellites in two groups, but the two sides agreed to scale back to the six-microsatellite formation due to budget constraints.
The U.S. Recognizes China as a Space Rival and Takes Notice
The rover, Jade Rabbit 2, has rolled down onto the surface, and its radar and panoramic camera have been activated and are working normally.
Russia Demands NASA Explanation Over Snub of Space Chief
“And I wanted to be accommodating to the interests of the senators, and so I have rescinded the invitation,” said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine