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January 6th, 2019
Space History Written by China as Chang'e-4 Rover Lands on the Far Side of the Moon
successfully completing the first-ever soft landing on the far side of the moon close-up images of the unexplored region of the moon were then captured ...
Latest News, ULA and NRO Scrub Saturday's Launch ... No New Date Given 
“we understand that this is a high-priority mission for the nation’s warfighters and we take our commitment to safety and mission assurance seriously.”
Iranian Commander States They Have Radars to Monitor Satellites in LEO
“Today, we have achieved world’s modern technology by relying on domestic capabilities despite economic, scientific and technical boycott.”
NASA's New Horizons' Most Distant Object Ever Explored ... Reveals Entirely New Kind of World
"Never before has any spacecraft team tracked down such a small body at such high speed so far away in the abyss of space."
China's Yutu 2 Goes Roving on the Far Side of the Moon
CLEW also revealed that the rover would be named Yutu 2 (Jade Rabbit 2), following on from the rover for the Chang'e-3 mission which landed on...
General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems Gains U.S.A.F. SMC HoPS Mission Contract
Under the Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract, GA-EMS will launch a 110 kg. Orbital Test Bed (OTB) satellite and integrate the...
Planet Provides Dramatic Photos of Before and After Krakatau Volcano Eruption
What was once a crater at the summit of a 340m-high edifice has been completely broken open to form a small bay.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Proposes Tiny Satellites as 'Guide Stars' for Huge Next Gen Telescopes
we might be able to build a telescope that's a little floppier, a little less stable, but could use a bright source as a reference to maintain its stability
U.S. Warns Iran Against Satellite Launches ... Says Could Advance Missile Technology
“The United States will not stand by and watch the Iranian regime’s destructive policies place international stability and security at risk,”
New Zealanders Observe What is Suspected to be Reentry of Russian Satellite
While it was widely reported to be a meteor shower, a Russian military early warning satellite would have been over New Zealand at the time
New Discovery Reveals a Ring of Nano-Satellites Produces High-Res Imagery that Costs Less
"Several previous assumptions about long-range photography were incorrect," researcher Angika Bulbul said.
Lockheed Martin's $53 Million Contract from Department of Defense for Several Satellite Services
for engineering, development and sustainment services supporting the Air Force Multi-Mission Satellite Operation Center.
Why Swarm Technologies Had to Pay FCC $900,000 for SpaceBEE Picosatellites Settlement
The FCC determined that Swarm had launched the four SpaceBEEs from India and had unlawfully transmitted signals between Earth stations in ...
Ethio Telecom Considers Communication Satellite
Ethio Telecom spends 12 million dollars on annual fees for satellite services and the expense soars when satellite services are utilized by media,