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December 4th, 2018
SSL's Robotic Arm on NASA's InSight Lander Gets a Grip on Mars
Its job places the lander’s instruments onto the dusty Martian surface, for future landers when offloading payloads onto the surface of the Moon.
IEC Telecom Expands with New Office in Denmark
The new company, located close to Kastrup airport, will primarily focus on the maritime market; however, the company will also provide satellite...
Forrester Reports: Russia Plans Mega-IoT-Constellation
The ‘Marathon’ constellation will likely comprise hundreds of craft and will operate alongside Russia’s Glonass GPS system and as part of Russia’s...
Statement from SSTL Confirms Successful Launch of KazSTSAT
confirmation that following separation from the launch vehicle a team made contact with KazSTSAT determining all initial systems checks are nominal.
Statement from Spaceflight, the Mission Manager, Launches 64 Satellites on First Dedicated Rideshare Mission
Spaceflight launched 15 MicroSats and 49 CubeSats from government and commercial entities including universities, startups, and a middle school.
The SSPI's 2018 Better Satellite Award Bestowed Upon Kacific
Once launched in 2019, Kacific’s first satellite, Kacific-1, will help connect more hospitals, clinics, schools, libraries, post offices, police stations and...
Thales Alenia Space to Develop EO Radar Satellites for Korean Aerospace Industry
Korean Aerospace Industries leads a consortium including South Korea’s Hanwha System and Thales Alenia Space. All three companies have been...
ISRO Finally Launched Country's Heaviest Satellite Gsat-11 From Arianespace 
ISRO needed to recall the satellite as a precaution measure especially after the failure of the Gsat-6A mission around the same time.