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November 7th, 2018
Kymeta Successfully Takes Hybrid Data Backhaul on Cellular and Satellite Networks to the Border
agents didn’t have to tell the system to switch, it just happened. The users just needed to connect to the Wi-Fi in their vehicles, and the system did the rest ... 
NanoAvionics' M6P Smallsat Bus to be Supplied to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology 
The M6P’s unique competitive advantages will deliver high performance, the pointing accuracy and multi-year service life required of NTNU’s 
The ESA Space Exploration Masters Competition Names ODYSSEUS Space as Winner
Initiated by the European Space Agency (ESA), the Space Exploration Masters competition targets participants from all around the world. A total of...
Kyrgyzstan's Young Women Crowdfunding Country's First Satellite Launch
Kyrgyzstan is not an easy place to be female; Reuters' description last year,  “a nation rife with domestic violence, child marriage and bride kidnappings.
UPDATE: Launch Scrubbed... Northrop Grumman's Pegasus XL Rocket and NASA's ICON Satellite
the dynamic zone high in Earth’s atmosphere where terrestrial weather from below meets space weather above.
Mini Crypto from Viasat to Provide Embedded Security for the U.S. Air Force
In today’s battlespace environment, technological breakthroughs have enabled smaller sensors and smaller platforms of every kind, but until now...
Third Milestone Completed by Kratos' Deployment Study for U.S.A.F. Satellite Enterprise Ground Services
ground system capabilities take months or even years to deploy and test, however, Kratos team's demonstration took less than ten minutes
Portugal and China to Build Smallsat Research Facilities and Launch Site in the Azores
The launch site will be made ready for the country's work on building smallsats on the mainland — Portugal has already come to an agreement...
CETel to Deliver Connectivity to Africa via O3b MEO Constellation
The long-term contract supports a leading African-wide operating communications and technology solutions provider to further expand their ...
Leonardo and Thales Alenia Space's Instruments, GOME-2 and IASI-3, and a Statement Regarding Metop-C
in 2,200 kilometer-wide swaths collecting 30 views of the Earth and measures the infrared radiation spectrum emitted by the Earth twice a day.
It's a First RUAG Space Delivers MetOp Second Generation Structure for ESA’s Future Weather Satellites
The payload is so large that it is split across two series of satellites (called satellite A and satellite B) with three satellites in each series  ...