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Current Satellite News
October 9th, 2018
Satellite Interference Reduction Group and Intelligence-Sec to Host Event in Asia
As more satellites are launched there is an ever increasing issue of satellite interference that is sometimes unintentional, and other times it's not so much. 
Thales Alenia Space to Build Ground Station for GNSS Satellite Tracking
The ground station will receive and process 406 MHz distress beacon signals from the MEO satellites being tracked and relay them to the...
Maxar’s SSL's Portfolio Potential Includes Innovative Solutions with DoD and Other U.S. Government's Agencies
SSL is eligible to compete for multiple future awards over the five-year ordering period of the contract, up to a cumulative value of $750 million.
Hubble "We Have a Problem" ... Now in Safe Mode as Gyro Issues are Diagnosed
Redundancy is NASA's best friend, and so it is with the Hubble Space Telescope as NASA stands ready for failures with backups, and even ...
Astrobotic's New Partners to the Moon are a Joint Ecuadorian-Columbian Payload
This campaign will result in the first payloads from South America to reach the Moon, marking the beginning of a new era in space exploration on the continent.
Globalsat Group and N-Sat Form a Strategic Alliance
The agreement increases the reach of Globalsat Group, the first Pan-American mobile satellite service provider, offering current and future...
NASA and the Israel Space Agency to Share a Ride on SpaceIL’s Commercial Lunar Mission to Land on the Moon in 2019
NASA and the Israel Space Agency (ISA) are combining efforts to share a ride of sorts... to the Moon.
UK’s Space Agency's Licensing Process Gets the Green Light ... Now Includes a New Traffic Light System
This new approach should also make it easier for operators to procure insurance for large constellations of satellites that could be used for ...
Forrester Reports: SES Wants Bids for an Open Satellite Design
According to reports, SES is inviting Airbus, Boeing and Thales Alenia to bid for the design and build contracts for the new craft. This flexibility comes...
Media Lario Commits their Optical Tech to ESA's Athena X-Ray Space Telescope
ATHENA, one of the large-scale missions of ESA’s Cosmic Vision program, is an X-ray space telescope to be launched into orbit in 2031. The telescope’s...
Dramatic Satellite Photos Reveal Horrific Conditions After Earthquake and Tsunami Hit Indonesia
7.5 earthquake and tsunami that struck Palu, Indonesia reveal death toll is more than 1,200, and food and water for the survivors requires police ...
China Launches Twin Yaogan-32 Remote Sensing Satellites
The satellites, both part of the Yaogan-32 family, were launched by a Long March-2C rocket with an attached upper stage at 10:43 a.m. Beijing time...