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September 10th, 2018
India and U.S.' Defense Agreements Welcomed After Concerns About Russia and China ... Before and After
The nuclear-armed Asian giants were locked in a 10-week military stand-off last year in a remote, high-altitude stretch of a boundary in the Himalayas. 
Potential $600 Million for DigitalGlobe's Contract with National Reconnaissance Office
The EnhancedView program seeks to provide authorized government staff with access to high-resolution commercial imagery derived from...
Space Foundation Washington, D.C. Enlisted this Colonel to Head Strategic Operations
as the U.S. Army Legislative Affairs Principal Military Deputy, where he was responsible to the Secretary of the Army on congressional issues. 
GateHouse Telecom's Global Xpress Link Emulator to be Sold in UK Via Global RadioData Communications
is another step into a new market, the UK, for GateHouse Telecom's products and system integration solutions for commercial, government and military.
The First Puerto Rican Smallsat Being Built by Interamerican University and the University of Central Florida
This cubesat, which will study the role of dust in planet formation, is another example of the kind of growing impact UCF is having in space research...
Airbus' Life Support Rack will Support ISS Astronaut's Lives with Oxygen 
Its technology is a critical step forward towards a closed loop life support system, necessary for human spaceflight beyond low Earth orbit.
France to Invest $4 Billion in Military Satellite Technologies
On June 28, the French parliament adopted a bill on military planning for 2019 to 2025, envisaging the increase of defense spending up to 2 percent...
Grace Brethren School Students Delve into Cubesat Composition with Help from General Dynamics
They’ll also be able to track, monitor and record the data that is sent back to Earth. The students — mostly juniors and seniors in high school — will also...
SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 and Sends Telstar 18 VANTAGE Satellite Soaring
Telstar 18 VANTAGE is the third high throughput satellite (HTS) in Telesat’s global fleet and the first with coverage over the Asia Pacific region.
Cayman Islands Implements Emergency SATCOM System
Prompted by communications issues that arose following devastating storms in the Caribbean last year, the British government is equipping their...
New Product Array Slotted by Quintech Electronics & Communications for IBC 2018
Quintech’s XTREME 80 and XTREME 32 matrix switches have been rapidly adopted by broadcasters, teleports, equipment manufacturers, and...