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September 9th, 2018
Ariane 6 Engines' Good 'Report Card' After a Successful Summer Sendoff
This is a decisive step in the development of the Vinci®, as this re-ignition capability is a key features of Ariane 6, notably for launching satellite constellations.
Jacksonville's Cecil Airport is Under Control with Plans for Spaceport Control Center
JAA's newly designed air traffic control center at Cecil Airport and Spaceport will stand 135 feet tall, replacing the airport's current 55-foot tower.
Uplink: Innovation — Far More Than A Catch Phrase... Plus, a Discussion with Mike Antonovich, CEO, Eutelsat Americas
Satnews Publishers asked Mr. Antonovich about his thoughts regarding why  innovation is important to the industry and, in particular, to Eutelsat Americas?
New Portfolio of VSAT Plans and an Agreement with pressreader all Part of Speedcast's Latest Moves
All of the VSAT plans come with Committed Information Rate (CIR), which provides customers with a guaranteed level of performance. The plans are...
ESA's Aeolus Satellite Pumping Pulses to Measure the Earth's Wind
Launched into space on a Vega rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana just two weeks ago, ESA’s Earth Explorer Aeolus satellite has been...
Global Invacom Acquires Certain Assets from Skyware Technologies Group
The Acquisition is for an initial cash consideration of $3.1 million, with a further $0.3 million to be provided as product, and a maximum additional...
GPS III Ground System Support and M-Code Ops Being Prep'd by Lockheed Martin
In 2016 and 2017, the U.S. Air Force placed Lockheed Martin under two contracts, called GPS III Contingency Operations (COps) and M-Code Early Use (MCEU), which...
JP Thieriot to CEO at Uphold — Former CEO Adrian Steckel to CEO of OneWeb
The leadership succession comes after two years of rapid growth at Uphold. The blockchain-powered platform has become recognized for offering the...
China's Launch of Marine Satellite is Successful to Monitor Ships, Ocean's Color, Temperature and More
an automatic identification and monitoring of ships, to help safeguard maritime rights, and provide data for disaster prevention and fishery production