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August 24th, 2018
KLEOS Space Successfully Raises Capital and Heads into the Australian Stock Exchange
Co-founder and CEO of the company, Andy Bowyer, feels that the interest shown in Kleos’ by investors is reflective of the worlds current desire to ...
Uplink: Innovation — Ball Aerospace, Plus a Discussion with Debra Facktor, VP and GM, Strategic Operations
Debra Facktor, VP and GM, Strategic Operations at Ball Aerospace explains why innovation is important to the industry and, in particular, to her company.
Comtech Xicom Technology and Comtech Telecommunications' Three Contracts Totaling More than $24 Million
they must be doing something right when they shared the news that they were on the receiving end of three lucrative contracts beginning with... 
The SSTL RemoveDEBRIS Spacecraft is Successfully Commissioned to Clean Up
Spacecraft operators at SSTL have just completed a series of tests and operations to confirm the functionality of key operating systems such as...
SCISYS Software Helps to Drive Aeolus to Orbit
Two specialist teams at the Bristol-based Space UK division developed the onboard software (OBSW) and a bespoke Operational Simulator...
NASA's Spitzer Telescope Lives Way Longer than Expected to Reveal from the Oldest Galaxies to Newborn Stars
The light from some of those galaxies traveled for 13.4 billion years to reach Earth.