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July 5th, 2018
Inmarsat and Addvalue's IDRS Offers Satellite Constellations Continuous Communications
With IDRS on-board, satellite operators will have access to on-demand, 24/7, near real-time, two-way IP-based links to all of their assets.
A Casbaa Satellite Industry Forum Wrap Up - 5G and Satellite a Big Deal
Casbaa is uniquely positioned, with video as the common glue, to talk about — and promote — developments, innovations in and the relevance of the...
Aiming to Support Future Space Engineering is the New Partnership Between CNES and satsearch
This effort ties in with satsearch’s push towards Data-Driven Design (D3) for the space industry. The relationship will be initiated by a project to build a...
AsiaSat to Expand Sports Star of Pakistan's Services
This additional capacity to Sports Star will strengthen their ability to diversify content for APAC audiences.
LEO Satellite Firm AST&Science Receives Significant Monetary Boost from Cisneros
According to AST&Science CEO and Chairman Abel Avellan, the Cisneros investment will accelerate development and deployment of the company’s ...
Indra Engaging in Key ESA EO Development Initiative
Each year floods, droughts, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions take the lives of a large number of people and cause multi-million-dollar losses...
ViaLite's Eurosatory Presence a Success
Products highlighted on the Eurosatcom stand included the hot swappable ViaLiteHD 3U rack chassis, set up in a half and half configuration to ...