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Current Satellite News
May 10th, 2018
Sweden Planning to Develop and Build Europe's First Launchpad for SmallSats
More than 500 rockets and 500 high altitude balloons have been launched from the Esrange Space Centre  since the site was established in 1966 at...
NASA's IMERG Reveals Tragic Floods in Kenya ... From Drought to Mudslides and Death 
The tragic irony of a region that was plagued by a severe drought in 2017 is now consumed in mudslides and floodwaters, taking with it at least 100 ...
Satellite Engineering Programs Initiated in Rwanda During Transform Africa Summit
The Agreement was signed in the sideline of the Transform Africa summit between Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) and, on...
Tracking Asteroids is the Plan for Collaboration Between the Asteroid Institute and YORK Space Systems
Among the Asteroid Institute’s projects are ADAM, an open source cloud-based platform for asteroid data analysis and mapping, and the...
Building Blocks of Success for Satellite Service Providers — A WTA Event @ CommunicAsia 2018
Join the World Teleport Association (WTA)  for a workshop on the building blocks of success at CommunicAsia 2018. WTA will share insights from the....
NSR's Report: Satellite and the Arrival of Telecom Pricing? But Satcom Pricing in Not Telecom Pricing ...Yet
Sixty percent wholesale price drop across HTS verticals, most prominently for backhaul and consumer broadband, is a telling factor for any industry.
Marlink Goes Deep Bringing Their Rich (Human) Resources to Africa's Mining Industry
Those people involved in mining possess courage to go deep and bring up to the world resources that are greatly appreciated.
New Technology is on the Horizon at The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference ... Horizon Technologies' ISR XPOD
just finished its best first quarter ever, with almost $2 Million in new orders and  a new customer, a new SIGINT platform, and a new significant end-user.
KVH's Appointment of VP for APAC Region Comes from Within ... He Joined in 2013
He will oversee all KVH activities in this area, which is of vital importance in the mobile connectivity market. Mobile tech innovator KVH...