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May 3rd, 2018
Will South Australia be the Home for Australia's Space Agency?
Media reports have surfaced that A$50 million in seed funding had been included in next week’s 2018/19 Australian Federal Budget to set up a...
NASA's 'Little GTO' ... GTOSat Will Go Beyond Low Earth Orbit Using the Dillinger-X
the first CubeSat to operate in geostationary transfer orbit, and the first to use the latest robust version of the NASA-developed Dellingr-X spacecraft bus 
Some KRUSTY NASA News for Crewed Missions to the Moon, Mars and Beyond...
​Kilopower is a small, lightweight fission power system capable of providing up to 10 kilowatts of electrical power — enough to run several average...
Phased Array Feed's Appetite is for Vast Amounts of Sky ... Broadens Vision for Radio Astronomy Imaging
“The collaborative work that went into designing, building, and ultimately verifying this remarkable system is truly astounding.”
ESA and SES Make Satellite-Based Cybersecurity Crystal Clear with QUARTZ
The consortium will develop a system for generation of encryption keys in space and their secure transmission via laser.
China Launches Communication Satellite APSTAR-6C for Services Across Asia-Pacific
enhances the Asia-Pacific satellite communications, broadcasting services, provide TV transmission, communication, Internet and multimedia services
ESA Makes the Most of the Moon Mission Enlists PTScientists toHelp With the Moon's Resources
ESA has a strong interest in testing and maturing lunar in-situ resource utilization technologies to produce drinkable water or breathable oxygen in ... 
AsiaSat Promotes Two to Head Up Key Technical Teams
Dr. Roger Tong said he welcomes Fred Ho and Fred Vong as they join the AsiaSat management team. Their promotions to Vice President are a...
Debuting from Garmin is a Smaller, More Compact Satellite Communicator, the inReach Mini
For the ultra-light experience, the inReach Mini encompasses it all, from messaging to tracking to declaring an SOS. It can be used on its own or...