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February 14th, 2018
Cecil Spaceport Celebrates Upcoming Launches
Cecil Spaceport is among six that can facilitate horizontal launches. Small rockets strapped to jets will fly out over the ocean and launch from there.  
Open Cosmos Sends Vector Their First RSVP ... Reservation for First Orbital Launch
Vector will begin construction on its state-of-the-art rocket factory ... later this year, designed to produce up to 100 launch vehicles per year to start.
GLOBECOMM's New CFO ... He Brings Broad Financial Experience to Support Continued Growth
The financial health of a company determines whether the institution thrives or dives, and to attain and maintain good health a company must have ...
Speedcast to Provide Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines with More Bandwidth
Speedcast’s experience with Royal Caribbean dates back to 2006, when the company installed RCCL’s first Ku-band VSAT antenna on board a...
Critical Satellite-Derived Datasets from TCarta Aid BMT with Fish Farming Sites in the Arabian Gulf
As a primary input for the modeling phase of the project, BMT obtained five meter resolution Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB) products from TCarta...
Satelles Shows Improved PNT Accuracy from LEO Constellation
from new tests using configurations with a differential source and with a more accurate OCXO clock, producing timing accuracy of 160 nanoseconds.
Results of Africa's International Space Forum in Kenya 
However, this last action must face the risk of ending the enormous abundance of African national resources if these ‘are not properly managed’
Gogo Relishes Increased SES-15 Capacity for IFC/IFE Aboard More Than 200 Aircraft
SES-15 entered service in January 2018 and is the company’s first hybrid satellite providing Ku-band wide beams and Ku-band spotbeam capacity...
How COMSAT Continued Communications During California Wildfires ... 'What If' Became 'It Is'
"The crisis management plan, devised in response to the 'what-if' scenarios, demonstrated how resilient the teleport and and its team are."
Czech Satellite Intelligence Center to Open 
Funded by the Czech Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces, the subject-matter experts will review the imagery from around the world and...