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Current Satellite News
February 13th, 2018
On Orbit Sustainment Record Set by the EUTELSAT 16C (formerly SESAT) Satellite
A global success story for EUTELSAT— designed for a contractual orbital life of 10 years, the EUTELSAT 16C/SESAT telecommunications satellite...
U.S.A.F. Brings Caton Connector Corporation into the Milstar Mix
The mission of Milstar, according to the U.S. Air Force, is to provide “the President, Secretary of Defense, and the U.S. armed forces with assured...
MeznSat Project Now Underway by UAE Space Agency and Partners
The cubesat project will see undergraduate students design and construct the MeznSat before using it to collect and analyze data on carbon dioxide...
Advantech Wireless Reaches the Summit™ and Releases 3.2kW Ku-Band Outdoor Modular Satellite GaN SSPA System
Without using expensive filter combiners, which make future frequency planning changes very complex and challenging ...
KVH Industries' HTS Systems and AgilePlans™ Set the Seas for E.R. Schiffahrt
program provides equipment and airtime for one monthly airtime fee, with no commitment; installation at select ports and maintenance costs are included.
NSR's Forecast Recognizes China's Ambitious Push into the Global Satcom Market
At some point soon, however, it appears likely China will assume a position as a top tier space nation globally, with significant ramifications for ...
ViaSat-2 Up and Running and Ready to Report to Work
“We are not predicting the failure of OneWeb, [but] I just think that it’s not going to bring an amount of bandwidth to the markets that we serve that’s ... "
Black Sage to Demonstrate Drone Defense by Creating a Fence of Drones
During the simulation, Black Sage will create a virtual fence around the capitol, fly a swarm of drones directly into the protected area, and...
NBC Olympics Selects SES ... Goes for the Gold by Transmitting High Dynamic Range Signal Across the U.S.
SES will use its satellite platform to distribute the NBC Olympics HDR feed to their affiliates throughout the United States