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February 7th, 2018
India's Big Balloon ... First Sudent-Led Micro Satellite Launch 
Hyderabad added yet another feather in its scientific cap with the successful launch of India's first ...
Iridium Communications Announces the Company's First Iridium Certus Service Providers
This initial group of six world-class land-mobile service providers play a pivotal role in bringing Iridium Certus to market. 
A 300 SmallSats Constellation is in the Works by CubeCab for bitcoin Latina
The initial constellation of 300 satellites, to be deployed during the 2020 to 2022 time frame, will entail 300 flights of CubeCab's Cab-3A launch...
Bartolomeo Platform Partnership Agreement Signed Between ESA and Airbus
The agreement defines the roles and responsibilities of the two PPP partners, with Airbus investing around 40 million euros into the...
National Space Society Congratulates SpaceX on the Spectacular Launch of the Falcon Heavy
NSS believes that the first flight of the FH is an important step toward achieving Milestone 2: Higher Commercial Launch Rates and Lower Cost to...
Hubble's Encounter With Dwarf TRAPPIST-1 and Atmospheres of Earth-Sized Planets 
These planets are also relatively temperate, making them a tantalizing place to search for signs of life beyond our Solar System.
Northrop Grumman to Build Two EHF XDR Payloads for the Enhanced Polar System
This contracts procures the EPS-R EHF XDR payloads to prevent a Military Satellite Communications mission gap in the Polar region. Work will be...
NASA's Congrats and Comments About Partnership with SpaceX's Successful Falcon Heavy Launch
have a liftoff thrust of 8.8 million pounds, designed to be an evolvable launch vehicle able to meet the most challenging deep space crew and cargo needs.
A Danish in Space ... Ulloriaq 'Star' Satellite ... as Danish Defense and Gomspace Monitor Craft in Arctic
The satellite will fly over the Arctic 16 times a day, once every hour and a half,
Marlink Shakes Out the Sand in the Tenth Edition of the Morocco Desert Challenge
powerful tool for the race organizers to understand exactly what is happening during the race and  ... battling it out in one of the world’s most extreme environments.
AVX Corporation Completes their Acquisition of Ethertronics Inc.
The EC624 Active Steering Switch acts as a slave device to the steering processor, selecting the desired beam pattern of an active antenna on a...
Two Angara Rockets Could be Ordered to Launch Russia's Gonets-M Satellites
According to the industry source, the first order for two Angara-1.2 rockets may be placed directly by Roscosmos in 2019-2020. Those rockets were...
Kenneth Callicut Named to Polaris Alpha's Board of Advisors
Mr. Callicutt recently retired after more than 39 years of service as an Air Force officer and member of the Senior Executive Service. He brings to...
Israel's Scientist Doctor Climbs Mountains Using Satellite Savvy to Measure Heavy Metals
... is working on a technique that would connect samples collected from polluted areas with satellite images of the same places.