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December 18th, 2017
DigitalGlobe Documents SpaceX's Successful 'Firsts' Times Two Includes Hosing Down a Falcon
... the first time SpaceX has flown both a flight-proven Falcon 9 and a flight-proven Dragon spacecraft in the same mission.
OHB and Arianespace Partner to Launch Heinrich Hertz for Germany's Civil and Military Telecommunications
"...we are responsible for implementing the entire mission including the satellite, the launcher and the related ground infrastructure."
Quintech's Extreme Solution Fans the Plans of Major Company's Test Labs with XTREME 80
among the highest density matrix on the market, in which they squeeze 80 total ports in a 2 RU chassis.
Trivec-Avant to Engage the U.S. Navy with a UHF SATCOM Antenna System
The SSV provides a UHF SATCOM antenna to coastal patrol craft, littoral combat ships, joint high speed vessels and other disadvantaged users that...
NSR's Satellite Capacity Pricing Webinar
This vital topic affects all within the satellite industry — NSR will provide key analysis as it relates to capacity pricing now and in future...
Ariane Group to Provide a Very Low Cost Prometheus Engine for ESA
The aim is to be able to build future liquid propellant engines with a unit cost of about 1 million euros, or 10 times less than the cost of producing existing...
NEC and Lockheed Martin to Join Space and AI Technologies for Missions
SIAT's advanced analytics engine uses data collected from sensors to learn the behavior of systems, including computer systems, power plants...
KVH and PGNL's Agreement to Deliver Philippine Basketball Association Broadcasts to Merchant Ships
Under the terms of the agreement, KVH will distribute PBA games for the 43rd and 44th PBA seasons, which begin with the Philippine Cup on...
2019 Set as the Year for an Egyptian Satellite Launch by Russia
Al-Shafei pointed out that the satellite launch schedule will be announced by Russian space agency Roscosmos. The agency will indicate whether it...
Navy Multi-Band Terminals to be Built by Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems
NMT is a multi-band capable satellite communications terminal that provides protected and wideband communications.  NMT supports...
Mobile Satellite Users Association Opens Their Mobility Awards Contest
MSUA's 2018 Satellite Mobility Awards Contest and Luncheon will take place on Tuesday, March 13, 2018 in Washington, DC. Awards will be given...
ORBCOM's Logistics and Monitoring Solutions Selected by Wayne Smith Trucking
ORBCOMM’s solution includes a robust web application with data reporting and analytics capabilities to increase visibility and security of Wayne Smith Trucking’s trailers...
Space Foundation Names "Chris" Kraft as the Recipient of the Organization's General James E. Hill Lifetime Space Achievement Award
For 2018, the Space Foundation Board of Directors will honor Christopher Columbus "Chris" Kraft, Jr., the first U.S. human space mission flight...
Globecast's Promotion ... Their Chief Technical Officer Continues and He Also Becomes Chief Operating Officer
driving operations globally across distribution, contribution and media management as well as continue out his CTO role.
Ericsson Musters Up Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster™ Satellite Services for Aussies
services cover more than 980,000 homes in regional and remote Australia with more than 290,000 homes connected to broadband services via NBN
Air Force Secretary Takes Off the Wraps and Unveils Final DMSP-20 Satellite
when the National Reconnaissance Office established a meteorological satellite program to provide information on cloud cover over the Soviet Union for the once highly-classified Corona photographic reconnaissance satellites.