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October 30th, 2017
Contract Signed Between Inmarsat and Arianespace to Launch GX-5 Satellite
The GX-5 satellite will offer services covering the Middle East, Europe and the Indian sub-continent. The payload will be fully integrated into Inmarsat’s...
November 10 Will be a Big Day for Northrop Grumman's CERES FM6 Instrument Launch with JPSS-1 Aboard a ULA Delta I
Global CERES data allow scientists to validate models that calculate the effect of clouds on planetary heating or cooling. Those data also help
Japan Planning Launch of Shikisai and Tsubame in December
The launch, planned for December 23, is intended to improve the accuracy of global warming forecasting and to help tackle associated problems...
The Race for Space Heats Up as Four Countries Compete Against China
“It's the Japanese who have been embarrassed by Chinese progress,”
The Embratel Star One D2 Satellite to be Cast into Orbit via Arianespace
Arianespace announced the signature of a launch contract for the Embratel Star One D2 satellite for Brazilian operator Embratel Star One, a subsidiary...
Thales Alenia Space's KOREASAT-5A Successfully Launched by SpaceX's Falcon 9
it will provide Internet access, multimedia, broadcasting and fixed communications services for Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and the Middle East.
A 30 Satellite Launch Scheduled for December by the ISRO
The mission, whose main payload will be Cartosat-2 series Earth Observation satellite, will be the first PSLV mission after the unsuccessful...
ViaLite RF over Fiber is a Slamdunk for Fans of the Grizzlies with Wireless Coverage in Memphis Arena 
enabled the company to custom build a mobile platform that enabled wireless broadcast transmission to be transported over fiber from any location in the arena. 
Advantech Wireless to Parade Their Military-Grade Satellite Modem @ Global MilSatCom
The AMT-83L advanced military-grade satellite modem adds a number of advanced features to the AMT-73L modem series, the first worldwide...
Gaining FCC Authorization for Telecom Services in U.S. is Globalsat Group
When Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean in 2017, the company was able to work with their local partner in Puerto Rico and contract private charter ...
Active Removal of Space Debris Focus of Secure World Foundation Luncheon Event in DC
This luncheon panel discussion will examine the technical, legal, and policy prospects for active debris removal (ADR) and the steps Congress can take...
U.S. Government Accountability Office Examines NASA's Human Space Exploration Program
The GAO found challenges in NASA's approach to integrating these programs. For example, the technical authorities for engineering and safety...
Airbus DS Communications Provide Critical Info for 9-1-1 Calls to Collier County 
this company is offering new capabilities for those on the receiving end of the calls that can mean a matter of life and death.
Airbus DS Communications Signs Services Agreement with NY City DoITT
Airbus DS Communications developed the VESTA® emergency call handling solution currently in use in New York City (NYC). Its dedicated...
Hurricanes and the Role of Satellites Highlighted in New SIA Report
The release summarizes the vast spectrum of vital and lifesaving satellite  weather, imaging, and  communications services available for hurricane
Phasor Gathers $16 Million in B-Round Investments
This B-Round funding, which closed this summer, allows Phasor to advance commercialization of their first electronically steered antenna products and...