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Current Satellite News
August 8th, 2017
Space Systems Loral - PDR Success for LEO Satellite Servicing Mission
The design review took place over a three-day period at SSL’s facilities and demonstrated that the Restore-L design meets system requirements.
Global Marketing Insights - Smallsats + Big Data Presentation During the Small Satellite Conference
Come to the session to learn more about secure cloud-based platforms leveraging geospatial analytics, machine learning and forecasting models to...
NASA - The Importance of Smallsats Initiated This Agency Institute
to develop and demonstrate the unique capabilities of small spacecraft to support science, exploration and space operations.
Russia - Future Glonass Satellites Could Possess Highly Elliptical Orbits
The concept of supporting the Glonass orbital grouping is also dependent upon the manufacturing of another six Glonass-K satellites...
B2SPACE - High Altitude Launch System for Smallsats
B2SPACE claims they will be able to improve the current rocket launching technology to provide smallsat providers with low cost access to space...
Clyde Space Literally Takes It Up a Notch Building an Out-of-this-World Continuous Communications Network
is similar to the telecoms industry, to connect and provide communications services to multiple users simultaneously at competitive prices. 
G'Day for Australia ... Considering Canada as Key to Space Agency Success
The South Australian Government last month said it would set up its own space agency this year if swift action was not taken at a federal level.